Get into Bed with Terry Spear (Author Interview 2)

Today, we’re welcoming back a familiar voice here at LRP, hello Terry Spear. Thank you for visiting, let’s chew the fat awhile. Susan looks over at Terry whose shapeshifted into an Arctic wolf, and is currently chewing the fat from a rib bone. Terry, honey, what I meant was, let’s have a friendly talk.

  1. Susan: I understand you enjoy reading, particularly historicals and paranormals. Would you share the title(s) of some of your favorite reads?

Terry: I loved Celtic Fire and the Immortal Highlander, but so many others too. Both have a paranormal bent with a historical past. I love time travels, but there aren’t as many out there that I can find to read!

  1. Susan: I’ve read other shapeshifting novels where the hero uses a fur pelt to shift. What is the catalyst that initiates your weres to shift? Is it a certain moon phase, or a strong emotion such as anger?

Terry: I was just reading about wolfsbane and how in some fables, the flower can cause the person to shift, in others, it prevents them from shifting, in others, it kills the creature. LOL. I love how stories can be so different from one another, which shows just how vivid imaginations can be.

In my stories, werewolves for the most part are born as such. The full moon has more of a draw on werewolves who have more human roots in their genes, than for royals who have had mostly werewolf genetics. And the royals are the only ones who can shift during any phase of the moon, whereas, the others can’t become a wolf during the new moon. So that leaves newly turned wolves with little control over their shapeshifting ability in the beginning. In To Tempt the Wolf, two of the men who are turned, deal with it in different ways, just like people will handle a situation differently based on their personalities. Some are stronger, some more weak-willed. In Wolf Fever, the heroine has been recently turned, and she’s fighting the shift. But when she’s accosted at one point in the story, she suddenly feels the urge to shift. In another instant, she’s cold and can’t get warmed up, as well as the full moon’s strong pull is causing her trouble with the compulsion to shift. In Legend of the White Wolf, the heroine also has difficulty controlling the shift when she’s threatened. So for each, it depends on their personality as to what might trigger the need to change.

  1. Susan: Your heroine (Faith O’Malley) in Legend of the White Wolf is smart, beautiful and fearless. Which heroines do you prefer writing, the strong heroines, or the vulnerable ones?

Terry: Definitely strong, with vulnerabilities. I’ve never cared for the Tomb Raider type who had no flaws or vulnerabilities, or the heroine in Alien who was the same way, tough, hard as nails, no feelings. At least that’s the way it seemed to me. On the other hand, weepy heroines who rely on everyone to do their bidding, doesn’t do it for me. I remember years ago watching a movie where the hero was struggling to fight some evil bad guy and the woman was standing helplessly nearby, screaming, her hands on her cheeks, eyes wide, and my mother saying, “Pick up a lamp! Clobber him! Do something!” I agreed with my mother. A heroine who stands up for right is a heroine in my book. 🙂

  1. Susan: I consider you a multi-faceted author. You have been known to write urban fantasy, YA, Scottish-Medieval romances, romances with paranormal and romantic suspense elements. Is there another sub-genre you “secretly” wish to write for?

Terry: I’ve written a couple of time-travels and someday, I’d like to do some for publication. In part, it’s my love of history. Tossing a hero or heroine into the rabbit hole of the past and watching them thrive, stirs my imagination. Making them realistic is the real challenge though. I’d still love to do it. 🙂

  1. Susan: Some readers may not know this, but you create gorgeous wooly teddy bears. Have you created one to resemble an Arctic wolf?

Terry: LOL. Thanks, Susan! I’ve been asked to create a werewolf bear…In fact, if I ever design one, I have a couple of orders for them! 🙂 I did create vampire bears for authors. Someday, if I ever get caught up, I do want to try my hand at one. 🙂

  1. Susan: In Legend of the White Wolf you familiarize your readers with at least two packs. I personally would love to be part of Leidolf’s red wolves. Will you include new packs in your upcoming werewolf series?

Terry: Seduced by the Wolf is all about Leidolf and his poor pack. In Heart of the Wolf, readers got a glimpse of the abused pack under Alfred’s rule. Leidolf took over that pack, and now has the task to heal them. I have to make a comment here, that if it hadn’t been for my editor, Deb, being upset that the red pack was doomed for extinction, Leidolf wouldn’t have come into the picture to save the day. So thanks to Deb for her concern for the reds in the Portland area! Leidolf has also taken on another real problem, and he’s one of the characters in Legend of the White Wolf.

For Taming the Highland Wolf, we’ll see what Highland werewolves are made of. 🙂 That’s Book 7 coming in the spring of 2011. I’m pretty sure there’ll be two conflicting clans…it’s a Scottish thing, you know.

  1. Susan: Could you give us a little glimpse of your next title in the series, book five called Seduced by the Wolf due out in August 2010?

Terry: Ah, yes, Seduced by the Wolf, Leidolf’s story. He’s a royal red, with barely any human influences, and is pretty arrogant about it. Fans thought he ought to have a newly turned heroine because of it. But what he encounters knocks him totally off balance—a wolf biologist, red royal werewolf type—who plays by her own rules. She has NO intention of joining his pack or any other. And man does he want her. Now, if she didn’t want him back, he might give up on her. But he knows, or at least he hopes it’s not just wishful thinking on his part, that she’s just as intrigued with him as he is with her. And so, he’s not about to give her up. But she’s not about to give in either. The perfect couple, don’t you think?

  1. Susan: What would you say to readers who “haven’t” had the pleasure of reading your werewolf series? Why should they pick up your novels?

Terry: If you’re looking for werewolves who are real wolves at heart, look no further. For adventure, mystery, romance and intrigue, the series has it all. I love combining mystery and intrigue, having cut my teeth on mystery novels when I was younger. But adventure stories with a combined mystery like the Bourne series, fascinated me even more, and add a romance, some subtle humor, and even better yet, the paranormal, and you’ve got the perfect scenario!

Heart of the Wolf, Book 1, started off the series with its wolfish characters and more realistic portrayal of life as a werewolf and the trouble with pack behavior. Destiny of the Wolf, Book 2, came next, which showed a gray pack that actually runs a town in Colorado. To Tempt the Wolf, Book 3, reveals a rare werewolf scenario, and a hero who has lost everything—his pack, his sister, his home, and his memory, and fights the urge to take a human for his own. And Legend of the White Wolf, Book 4, presents Arctic werewolves in Maine, who move about freely, not secretly like the wolves in other stories, although that’s only their wolf counterpart. No one, or mostly no one, knows what they truly are. Seduced by the Wolf, Book 5, shows what happens when a wolf biologist prefers living with wolves rather than her own werewolf kind, and the red pack leader in the area has other plans in mind. Wolf Fever, Book 6, coming in the fall of 2010, is about a psychic newly-turned werewolf nurse, who fights fully becoming one of the werewolf kind when she can’t even control her psychic visions. But Chester McKinley can’t quit thinking about the woman who solved the murder case through her psychic talents that HE was trying to solve. Is she for real? And do her abilities include a mesmerizing kind of sensuous control that she’s used on him? Taming the Highland Wolf is Book 7, and I can’t wait to get started on the hunky Highland story! And Dreaming of the Wolf, Book 8, is Jake’s story from Destiny of the Wolf. He doesn’t believe in dream mating. So what happens when the woman of his dreams desperately needs his help?

Susan: Thank you Terry, for spending the day with us at Love Romance Passion. Please feel free to visit anytime, even as a white furred Arctic-if you prefer.

Terry: LOL, Susan, thanks so much for having me again! I loved your fun questions and wish you and your readers a warm and cozy den with the best to read during the winter season.


Award-Winning Author introduces the next installment of her paranormal romance series

A 2008 Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year Award Winner!
Night Owl Romance Reader Choice Award for Best Paranormal 2008

In this fourth in Spear’s series, Private Eye Cameron MacPherson and Faith O’Mallery are both on quests that lead them into the world of magical wolves…

Cameron arrives in the Canadian Arctic to search for his partners in his P.I. business who are late returning from a hunting trip. Faith is there to discover what her father had seen in the same area years earlier that had made him lose touch with reality—man-wolves, he called them.

The two tumble into an icy world of enemies bent on destroying the lupus garou kind. As they turn into lupus garou themselves, and bond with the pack that only they can rescue from destruction, Cameron and Faith find their soul mates in each other.

Buy: Legend of the White Wolf

A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry Spear has an MBA from Monmouth University.  As an eclectic writer, she dabbles in the paranormal, historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences.  She is the author of Winning the Highlander’s Heart and The Vampire in My Dreams (young adult). Spear lives in Crawford, Texas.

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30 thoughts on “Get into Bed with Terry Spear (Author Interview 2)”

  1. Loved your intro, Susan. How did you know I’d love to chew on a rib bone??? But all seriousness aside, the biggest difficulty with being in wolf form is–no chocolate. Just doesn’t suit the digestive tract!

    Thanks so much for having me once again!!

  2. Just courious, played any chicken foot dominoes lately? Sorry Terry I just couldn’t resist…I just finished Heart of the Wolf, for the second time, and will start Destiny this weekend…thanks for all the great reads.

    You said to ask a question, didn’t state about what…LOL

  3. Loved the interview. Added all the Wolf books(that I don’t already have) to my TBB list. You mentioned fall for book 6. When is book 5 due out?
    Love shapeshifters. Do you think you nay ever branch out and write about other types of shifters like bears or big cats?

  4. Terry,
    Very good interview.
    I have several questions. Clarify: Can a lupus garou change a human when they’re not in wolf form? Is multiple births normal in all Lupus Garou pregnancies?

  5. Hi Terry,
    So sorry I’m late, had a long day today. First and foremost, hi, how are you? Hope your well. So glad to have another wickedly romantic author at LRP, we had Cheryl Brooks here recently. #1 thank you for recommending Celtic Fire, there’s an enchanting witch in that novel; that’s all I need to know! Regarding time travels, I think the believability factor may be hard to maneuver for some authors, but I’m of a mind you can write a wonderful one. Oh thank goodness for Deb, I love Leidolf! Which means…I’ll be reading Seduced by the Wolf. Actually my achilles’ heel is, that once I start a series–I must follow it till’ the very end. Here’s hoping you write 100’s.

  6. Hadn’t realized I submitted my previous comment with my moniker name. So glad you liked the intro. Actually chocolate on a White Arctic, wouldn’t look very nice on white fur. Rib bones make me think of BBQ ribs…yummm! But, alas, wouldn’t mix with white fur either, you’d might pass as Leidolf’s wolf though, if you got BBQ sauce all over you. (lol)

  7. Hi, Terry! I am a great fan of yours! You are an amazing, multi-faceted lady! I follow your blog posts, and I love hearing about your family. You have such energy and creativity. Are you ever really relaxed? If so, what does it take to make you mellow out?

    I would love to read a time-travel romance created by your imaginative mind. What would be your favorite time-travel scenario?

  8. I really enjoyed your interview. Your white wolf cover is gorgeous. Just curious, would you want to be a werewolf if it was possible ?

  9. Hi Jennifer!
    Actually, I liked a YA by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes! It was Demon in my View. I fell in love with the vampire teen who showed up at her high school. And it was the first time I’d seen where vampires could be semi-good. 🙂 I was really, really sick with the flu, 103 fever, and my eyes were so blurry, I couldn’t really read. So my teenage daughter read it to me for sometime, but I got hooked and blurry eyes or no, I had to read the rest of it until the end. 🙂

    Hey, Mason!
    Hmm, someone new and hot would be my choices for the key roles in Legend of the White Wolf. I loved the thriller Redeye, and that the director chose relatively unknowns for the movie who were absolutely terrific! I love to give new people a chance to make a name for themselves.

    Waving at Jessica!
    🙂 I asked an avid domino player if he ever played chicken foot dominoes, and he said he had! Nope, haven’t played them lately. But in case anyone doesn’t know what they are, they have a lot more dots on them, which means if you get stuck with the higher numbers, you have to count lots, and instead of building off just a double domino two ways, you also build off it from the center, hence the look of a chicken’s foot. Just wanted to make it clear that we do not use really chicken feet in Texas. LOL! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying rereading the books!!! Soon there will be more! Thanks!

    Hi Beth!
    Thanks so much, lady! Seduced by the Wolf, which is Leidolf’s story, is due out Aug 2010, and then Wolf Fever in the fall. My editor and I actually talked about big cats. But she likes the way I have a draw for making the wolf-shifters blend in with a habitat so much more realistically. So I’m taking my romance author, she’s mentioned in a couple of books, but never seen, to Scotland where she’s attempting to eliminate her writing block. Taming the Highland Wolf might do the trick, don’t you think?

    Hi, Carol! You can really hop around for the first 4 books. A lot of reviewers hadn’t read earlier books, but found it easy to read whichever one they had. Even though I might have a character make a cameo appearance, it’s not like a real series where you read about huge families and if you haven’t read a past book, you’ll be lost. In each of the first 4, it’s about different packs, different locations. In Book 5, Leidolf will have his own story, Seduced by the Wolf, and some of what he does pertains to his having been in the other 4 stories. So it would be best to read it 5th. And the 6th story, Wolf Fever, is about Carol from Destiny of the Wolf. So it would be best to read at least Book 2 before reading Book 6. Book 7 is another stand alone, set in Scotland. 🙂 So it truly doesn’t need to be read in any order! 🙂 Thanks so much for your question, Carol! See, you’re a heroine in a book also! 🙂

    Hi Diva Donna!
    Thanks! No, a human can’t bite and change a person into a werewolf, normally. There exceptions to every rule, you know. 🙂 The exception is shown in To Tempt the Wolf, Book 4. 🙂 In fact, there’s another exception to the rule in that book also. 🙂
    Yes, lupus garou births normally are multiple births, in part because of their wolf genetics, but also because if families tend to have multiple births, there is more of a chance that their children will have multiple births. Not always, but just a higher chance. So between human and wolf, it’s just natural that werewolves would have a higher chance of having them.

    Thanks so much Witchy Woman, Alias Susan S! I just got home from work, so know about long days! As to Cheryl, I wouldn’t mind rescuing one of her alien guys from the market! Yeah, the witch in Celtic Fire is terrific! I loved her and the hero that captured her! Thanks so much about the time travel. I’ve written a couple and would love to do another some day! Yeah, Deb is great! When I told her everyone loved Leidolf, she was fine with me writing his story. 🙂 I’m already to write 100’s. 🙂

    Susan S aka Witchy Woman! No, no, chocolate would be for when I was again human. Canines can’t eat chocolate. I had someone mention this to me once. But when my werewolves are wolves, they don’t eat chocolate. When they’re human, genetically, they’re all human, so they can eat what any human could. 🙂 I never could be a werewolf if I couldn’t have chocolate when I’m human. 🙂

    Okay, now, rib bones…I’m thinking medium rare beef ribs, rather than BBQ ribs. If I were a wolf, I’d probably be making a face at BBQ sauce. LOL Too spicy for a wolf’s taste. 🙂 Yes, Leidolf definitely has a thing for red wolves–particularly for one tasty little morsel. And no matter how spicy she is, he’s game. 🙂

    Thanks, ladies, for all the great comments!

  10. Hi Virginia C!

    Thanks so much for being a great fan! 🙂

    Hmm, to relax…yes truly, I do relax sometimes. LOL
    I read. 🙂 Sometimes watch a movie–I just usually don’t have the time. But mostly if I have a moment of free time, I love to read, fall into other authors’ wonderful stories and forget everything I’m doing or have to do! 🙂

    The one time travel I’ve written is set in Salado, Texas where the heroine has been drawn into the past by a ghost of a relative in the 1870’s. But I’ve also written a fantasy time travel where the heroine leaves our contemporary world for her own world. My favorite place would be Scotland to set a time travel though. I’ve always been fascinated with genealogy, so my heroine would not be on a vacation like most time travels I’ve read, but in a search of her roots. 🙂 Oral history points out one thing, but what if the truth is altogether something different? Which is just what I find when I’m researching the family tree! Great questions, Virginia! Thanks for asking!

    Thanks so much, Linda!
    If I were to be a werewolf, I’d want to be a royal because they have very few human roots and so can change or not at will. I’d have a pack to keep me company, to watch out for me as I watch out for them, a mate that would stick by me for life. And if you’d seen some of those wolfish heroes, well, yep, being a werewolf sounds not half bad!

  11. Wolves I love wolves have you thought of sponsoring a wolf foundationwhit your books?getting people to help keep wolves from dying out.your books look like just what i would read can’t wait to get them.

  12. Hi, Marianna! I loved Celtic Fire–a Celtic witch and a Roman invader–the dynamics were terrific. Paranormal, historical, and Celtic, all in one. 🙂 I loved Immortal Highlander also because he was an immortal fae who was too proud, and too sexy for his own good. 🙂 I’ve loved tons of other stories, but those two always come to mind.

    Hi, Stacey! I do include references in some of my books about some of the wolf preserves where they take in wolves that have been abandoned or injured and many teach about wolves. Some of these organizations have wolf sponsorship programs and/or adoption programs. Hope you love the books, Stacey! 🙂

  13. I’m sure I’m too late to ask a question, but I’ll try, anyway.

    Terry, what is your opinion on book trailers? Do you think they help in book sales?


  14. Great interview Terry. You shouldn’t tell me about more books. I’ll want to buy them all now. While I’m excited about White Wolf….I can’t wait for Leidolf’s story. I so want to see him get his comeuppance.

  15. Oh, Beth, he will, he will. I know you’ll love it! 🙂 And sorry, I get sooo excited (can you tell?) about the works coming up, I just can’t help sharing. 🙂

    Hey, Sheila, thanks! It’s fun when they’re in your backyard, isn’t it??? 🙂

  16. Good afternoon Terry, may have missed you today but just in case you pop back in here is my question.( I would like to know something non-book or writing related and you can answer or not it is fine either way.) Terry living in Crawford Texas as according to the bio above, how did it affect you when President George W. Bush bought the property outside Crawford? Did it cause you problems at all or did you just go about business as usual? I am only curious because there were so many negative comments bandied about by people supposedly in the area at the time and when saw you lived there it came to mind..
    I am sorry to say have none of your books yet, have seen them for years and years and honestly did not know you wrote about werewolves!!!! Too many books on the shelves and not enough time to research every author writing, also it has only been the last year or so that have gotten heavily into the shape shifters and other PNF and UF books that I read nowadays. I missed out on some good reading, am going to remedy that soon can promise you that. Werewolves will always be my first shifter favorite followed closely by the big cats because of my love of wolves and kitties!!! Lovely interview again and also am getting more knowledge of your work and loving that!!! Thanks Susan and Terry for the fun and great book drawing giveaway!!!

    jackie b central texas

  17. Hi Jackie B! I see you’re from central Texas also!

    Well, let’s just say I’m glad the jets are no longer flying overhead every time he came around, and we don’t get pushed off the road if some motorcade comes along that has to do with the president. Might have been him, but might not have been. I mean, I pay taxes too, and I’m driving on the road first…so when they start flashing grill lights to force me off the road, I’m thinking emergency vehicles and pull off to the shoulder, then three government Suburbans pass by and I had to wait for a string of other traffic to pass me just to get back on the highway. There was absolutely no reason why I had to pull off the road for them except that they wanted to drive faster than the 70 mph posted speed. I’m glad I don’t live where that kind of abuse of power goes on all the time! 🙂

  18. I fell in love with this series and it’s characters from book one! I’m really happy to get a peak at the future and see that so far there are 4 more books on the way. Is there the possibility of other shapeshifters or other paranormals in your writing future?

  19. Just a quick note. I’m the Beth C. from comment #5. Take me out of the contest. I got lucky and won this book at another blog.
    Good luck to the rest of the entrants.

  20. I was wondering if you have spent any time out in the wild observing wolves? Have you been out to any wolf sanctuaries to get any ideas for your books about wolf body language?

  21. Hi Terry. I love the paranormal genre but I haven’t yet read anything you have written. After reading this interview, I will definitely take the plunge and check out one of your books. Do you rely on the classic folklore for your paranormal books or do you add your own twist?

    Thank you,


  22. Yikes, I don’t know what’s been happening to my postings, but here I am…

    Hi, Cybercliper! Thanks so much! I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the series. I do have Deadly Liaisons out now that is all about vampires. 🙂 I love vampires as well as ghost stories and werewolves. In Taming the Highland Wolf, there will be a ghost. Has to be in an old castle, don’t you think???

    Hi Bethie! I loved Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes. I don’t know what the kid series was I read–it wasn’t Hardy Boys, but some other series like it. The boys were into all kinds of Macgivering things together, getting themselves into hot water, adventure, science stuff, lots of fun. 🙂 So I love anything that has mystery to it.

    Teri C, I’m not near any wolf sanctuaries, although I’d love to see one and plan to someday. But I’ve observed them in educational films and even some amateurs’ films to help describe them, but also from pictures–how they look when they’re fighting, hunting, relaxing, playing, scent rolling. 🙂

    Great questions, everyone!!!

    Jason, thanks so much for dropping by! Definitely add my own twist. In the original werewolf mythology, most stories show a beast who when changed, doesn’t remember the evil he or she has done. In my version, they are one with the wolf, so as a wolf, still think as a human to an extent. And as a human, still think as a wolf in part. I was just researching for Taming the Highland Wolf and wanted to introduce a different wolf type as a secondary character. When I learned of a new legend, which I will talk about in the book, I decided to go with that kind of wolf and not another I first had planned. I love incorporating parts of myth, but since I try to keep my stories as realistic as possible, my characters also “debunk” the myths to an extent. 🙂 And they should know, right?

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