Get into Bed with Terry Spear (Author Interview 3)

Terry squirms in her seat while she looks about nervously. The sound of an overhead skylight sliding open startles her. I watch intently as the new moon casts its glow over Terry’s skin; while I wait. I have a theory I’m hoping to confirm. That Ms. Spear is a royal lupus garou with mostly werewolf genetics. Fifteen minutes have elapsed. A slow Grinch-like grin spreads across my face. So, did this famous author shapeshift during the new moon? Is she a royal as I’ve suspected all along? Sorry folks! Terry Spear had me sign a non-disclosure form before agreeing to this interview.

I love getting into bed with Ms. Spear because her skin is a lot warmer than other authors. As I scuttle closer to her, I can hear what can only be described as growling. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll stick to the edge of the bed.

Terry: First off, it’s very, very important for interviewees to sign non-disclosure forms before agreeing to interviews. Just in case! I mean, look at what happened to one interviewee who appeared in Rolling Stone without having such a clause. So yes, never know what might get me into trouble. Not that I have anything to hide, mind you.

But just a word to the wise, royals can change at will—new moon, full moon, waxing or waning. With having very few human genetics messing up the mix, they have a LOT of control over their shapeshifting abilities. So they don’t have to change unless they get provoked…I mean, want to. Now, you might ask why then do I have a skylight in my house? I’m pointedly pointing at the nondisclosure form.

And secondly, I really wasn’t squirming or acting nervous. The bed had a lump in it. Have you ever heard of The Princess and the Pea saga? That’s me! So I was trying to get comfortable. Just wanted to make that clear. How would it sound if a werewolf writer was nervous about such an inconsequential thing as a skylight? Now, if I were trying to hide the fact I was a vampire and the daylight was appearing… I’d probably be nervous.

Let me back up and clarify, I’m a writer of werewolves, not a werewolf writer as in WEREWOLF writer. Just so we have that clear.

Thirdly, I most assuredly did not growl at any time during the interview. I was clearing my throat before I answered the questions. That’s what it was. It might have come out sounding like a low growl, but…it most definitely was not. Never… Throat clearing. Beyond a doubt.

I have to say though, Susan, I’m loving the interview already and I haven’t even begun!!

Susan: If I were to gaze into a crystal ball and say, “Seduced by the Wolf!” what would I see?

Terry: Leidolf Wildhaven, red werewolf, and brother to Lelandi Wildhaven from Destiny of the Wolf, is dealing with a mess of problems. First, poor guy, he’s a loner wolf who’s taken on a pack of trouble. Remember one of the werewolf killers from Legend of the White Wolf? Well, he’s back. And then there’s the issue of a bunch of cowed subleaders who were abused by the previous pack leader in Heart of the Wolf, and a bright star on the horizon, Cassie Roux, red lupus garou, who’s a wolf biologist, trying to save wolves from extinction. Only Leidolf has other notions, and they definitely don’t fit into Cassie’s scheme of things. But some of the leftover troubles the pack had in Heart of the Wolf are still plaguing this pack, and although Leidolf is a real alpha, he’s got some real beta tendencies when it comes to taking in problem cases. Remember zoo man Thompson? He returns also. Add to that some teen angst, and it’s a fun tale of wolves and werewolves and a sexy romance where we hope two red wolves pair up for a happily ever after!

Susan: Do you do any research before writing a novel? Be it historical, young adult, urban fantasy, Scottish medieval stories, or paranormal.

Terry: Usually, no. I jump write in and begin writing opening scenes, beginning meetings between the hero and heroine, and then once I get a little written, I begin to research and add details as I go along. Once I’m well into my writing, I’m often pausing to look up something to make sure it works. But I’ve also had to do my fair share of rewriting when I’m writing away and think, hmm, do they have this or can this happen, then do some research, find out it’s not feasible, and write it differently. Some might say that it seems a backward way of doing something. I narrow my eyes; I do not growl. And then I give an elusive smile. But you see, I don’t ever plot. Like the wolf who stalks his prey, it’s not a planned activity. He’s hungry, he sees a viable dinner, he goes after it. So as I’m writing along, all of a sudden I think up a scene in my head, and it spills out on the screen or paper. Then I wonder if it will work. It’s usually only a tweaking here or there—like I was thinking it was warmer in Oregon in May when I lived there, but when I began to write the lake scene, found it was not…so had to change the scenario a bit.

Susan: Let’s say for arguments sake you were to bite me, would I turn into a lupus garou?

Terry: Okay, for argument sake, no. Because you see, I’m human. To change you, I’d have to be a wolf, or a werewolf in wolf form, if we want to get technical. You might be thinking of Hunter in To Tempt the Wolf. Well, accidents do happen. That’s all I’m saying about it. Sometimes we just make mistakes—I mean, werewolves sometimes make mistakes. And the poor guy made tons of them on the Oregon Coast during a winter snowstorm. And I really think we should give him a break. It all turned out well in the end, and that’s all that matters. Right?

Susan: I’m a redhead. Would Leidolf accept me as a newbie? Note: I become “unstable” when I’m not reading.

Terry: Absolutely. You see, they’re always looking for new females to join a pack, no matter what color of hair a lady has. They’re NOT interested in guys though. Which causes Hunter so much heartburn in To Tempt the Wolf, you see. Women, fine. But most werewolf packs have an overabundance of horny guys in the pack. Can I say horny in the interview? If not, just strike it. So you’d fit right in as long as you accept what they are and agree to signing a nondisclosure form. As far as the reading aspect, you’ll have your horizons expanded beyond your wildest dreams. So reading will be a nice supplement to everything else you’ll be doing.J

Susan: You’ve mentioned a fictional author named Julia Wildthorn in some of your werewolf novels; Seduced by the Wolf is no exception. Will you give us her story in an upcoming book? (Yes, I’ve been known to do research myself from time to time.)

Terry: Hmm, yes, I might get myself into trouble over this one, but hey, it’s MY interview. They can request their own and rebut mine, if they want to go to the trouble. In Heart of the Highland Wolf, coming Jun 2011, Julia Wildthorn, werewolf romance writer, as in WEREWOLF werewolf romance author, sneaks into a Highland castle to write her next novel. Writers block can be the pits. Not that I ever have that problem, mind you.

She doesn’t expect to find her past intertwined with Laird Ian MacNeill’s family lines, nor that he runs a whole pack of hunky Highland gray wolves. Appetite whetted yet??? But when he discovers she’s had an interview with you in Getting in Bed with Author Julia Wildthorn, he’s not at all happy. He learns the whole world knows intimate details about the woman to be his mate.

I probably shouldn’t be telling you this. Anyway, the thing of it is—he’s got a part in a movie production, and you might want to think of interviewing him in bed. The only difficulty would be his little red mate. Talk about growling. I’m sure she wouldn’t just be clearing her throat.

Susan: Leidolf Wildhaven is one hunky alpha red! Could you tell LRP readers what makes him so irresistible?

Terry: Ah yes, well Leidolf is the kind of take charge guy who is sensitive enough to care about his pack members, to help those in need that no one in other packs took time to deal with, to work with teen troubles, to even go out of his way to win a spunky red wolf over, who has her heart set on sticking to the wolf kind, rather than the werewolf kind, and even risks going back to the zoo to do it. Did I mention he’s sexy too? He doesn’t stop when the going gets tough, and he’s protective of both Cassie and his pack members that he has vowed to lead no matter what the cost. And he has a sense of humor. All heroes need one, don’t you think?

Susan: On your blog you sometimes discuss being outdoors. If you had to choose only one, which would you choose?

1st choice: Pulling weeds

2nd choice: Mowing the lawn

3rd choice: Raking leaves

4th choice: Watching a hunky wolf doing all of the above while you sip an ice cold lemon tea

Terry: Now if I were a good little gardener, I’d say 4th choice because he’d do a much better job at taking care of the garden than me. On the other hand, I’d pay him back with backrubs and the like. The nondisclosure form means I don’t have to tell you what “the like” includes!

Did I tell you how much fun I’m having with this interview, Susan? Can I come back? I promise I was just clearing my throat before.

Susan: Book six titled Wolf Fever is set to release in December 2010. What can we expect from your sixth installment?

Terry: Back by popular demand, Carol from Destiny of the Wolf returns and we learn how she’s trying to cope with life as a newly turned werewolf. The problem is she’s also psychic. Can you imagine how hard it would be to cope with having trouble with controlling visions, then to have even more difficulty with physical changes, like growing fur at unreasonable times? Not only that, werewolves have a strict rule of watching over werewolves who are newly turned. Stands to reason because they don’t want them to slip up and let the world know that werewolves exist. So Darien, the pack leader, wants her mated, and pronto.

Matters go from bad to worse because she believes that if she shapeshifts, she’ll never be able to return to her human form. And Chester Ryan McKinley, PI who had helped try to solve the murder case in Destiny of the Wolf, returns to see Carol again—unable to let go of his interest in the psychic. She believes he is way more interested in her than he tries to let on, and the two tango as an insidious virus sweeps through the pack and they must find the solution as well as a meeting on the minds on the mating front.

Susan: (Shameless self-promotion here). What would you like to share with LRP readers?

Terry: Each of the books are stand alone titles and so you can read them out of order. Although many readers tell me that they’re fun reading them in order. So here’s the order:

Ms. Spear we love when you come to visit! You know you’re welcomed here anytime with open arms. Thank you for being gracious enough to endure my pitiful attempts at humor.

Thanks so much, Susan, for having me! I’ve had a blast. J And hope to do this again sometime. In the meantime, readers can find me here:

And I’d love to ask you all a question: In real life, what makes a man heroic in your book?


His first priority is to protect his pack…

Werewolf pack leader Leidolf Wildhaven has just taken over a demoralized pack. With rogue wolves on the loose causing havoc and the authorities from the zoo suddenly zeroing in on the local wolf population, the last thing he needs in his territory is a do-gooder female, no matter how beautiful and enticing she is…

She’ll do anything to help wolves…

Biologist Cassie Roux has dedicated her life to protecting wolves in the wild. On a desperate mission to help a she-wolf with newborn pups, the last thing Cassie needs right now is a nosy and entirely too attractive werewolf pack leader trying to track her down…

With rogue wolves and hunters threatening at every turn, Cassie and Leidolf may find their attraction the most dangerous force of all…

Buy: Seduced by the Wolf

About the Author

A retired lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry Spear has an MBA from Monmouth College. An eclectic writer, she dabbles in the paranormal as well as writing historical and true life stories for both teen and adult audiences. Spear lives in Crawford, Texas. For more information, please visit

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  1. So folks, there you have it! You heard it here first. Terry is a writer of werewolves, not a wereolf writer. `Course that doesn’t explain the clump of blond fur that….reading over non-disclosure form, scanning quickly, never mind-scratch that.

    GR………………OW……………LLLLLLLLLL! Oh, I should mention, Leidolf accepted me! And my joining had absolutely “nothing” to do with those horny guys. (Smiling unabashedly).

    Terry, you had me starting the day with a laugh.
    Got’a love an author with a sense of humor!

  2. Hey, Susan, too funny! Glad you had fun with it! 🙂 I’ve had bear orders to work on all day for South Africa, my AC was out, and my main computer is down…so I’m trying to get everything back on track before I have to work all day tomorrow. argh.

    Now if I were a werewolf, I wouldn’t worry about all of this stuff!!! 🙂

    At least the bears and books are off to South Africa, and my AC is fixed. But working on a laptop is problematic!!! 🙂

  3. I really, need to get into the habit of backing up all my files. If I were to lose my files, I’d be completely lost! It would be even more detrimental than me sans agenda and coffee. And Susan without her color-coded agenda, and java fix would not be a pretty sight.

    Terry, hope you get everything back in working order. Glad your cute bears were shipped; they’re going to make the new owners very happy. 🙂

  4. Hi Keira!! Luckily, I had backed up all of my files on a flash drive and separate hard drive. I lost too much stuff when my hard drive went out in November last year. 🙁 Luckily, I’ve got The Wolf and the SEAL on my flash drive…:) But I still find it difficult to use my laptop for everything–printing, etc. 🙂

    Yes, Susan, do back up everything! We think it might just be the graphics card this time, but when the hard drive went out, that’s a different story. 🙁 I’ll post the bears tomorrow. Hope they love them as much as I had fun making them!!! 🙂

  5. Really enjoyed the interview.
    “Can I say horny in the interview?” I literally laughed out loud after that one haha
    I’d love to read the book to see if I can also be seduced by the wolf…after too many vampires I think it’s time to get into the warm blooded side 😉

  6. I don’t think its one single thing that makes a man heroic. Many things. And I think everyone has their own definition 🙂
    Great interview!

  7. What makes a man heroic to me is his integrity. Seriously, passionate, compassionate men who live by an honorable code of ethics is so sexy to me. If he happens to be easy on the eyes with a nice bod, even better!! LOL. 🙂

  8. LOL, MJ, Susan and I kind of went crazy. Or at least I did, and I had fun doing so!!! Oh, yes, bring on the wolves!!!

    Glad you enjoyed the interview, Chelsea B!

    Thanks, Scorpio M!! 🙂

  9. Terry

    Loving your books so far and they definitely can be read out of order, which I’ve done so far! Can’t wait to read about Leidorf and the upcoming book with Carol sounds like it will be one to put at the top of my list!

    Let’s see….I love mowing the grass, being outside when its warm, raking leaves might be a close second, the crisp air I love too except it also means that dreaded season is coming…winter! But most of all…think having a hunky wolf doing one or any of the above has to be way top of the list!!! My mind is beginning to wander…..

    terrific interview btw!!!

  10. What a fun interview.
    I’m still giggling. By the way. Terry didn’t tell you. Those lumps in her bed were her yellow Gecko’s that live and sleep with her. OH!! maybe I wasn’t suppose to disclose that. I don’t think I signed anything. LOL!! A hero to me would be a guy named Darien. Who just plain comes to me in a dream or out of that book “Destiny of the Wolf” and saves me from my own Reality Show. Thanks for letting me join you all in this lumpy bed. DD:)

  11. I think what makes a man heroic is kindness and compassion. If it somehow also gets wrapped up in kicking butts and smashing heads that’s hot too. lol

  12. Hi Diva Donna! I think it’s safe to mention the lizards, since Terry’s posted about them on her blog. Aren’t the geckos adorable?

  13. Hi Terry, I love your books. I have read all of them more than once each. They are definitely keepers.
    I know you have books thru book 8 Dreaming of the wolf, Will there be more books to come after book 8? I really hope so because I love these books.

    Julie Swaney

  14. Ah, Cat, you make me long for fall. 🙂 I was out pulling weeds early this morning before the temperatures skyrocketed, but I always feel I’ve accomplished so much by just working on the yard for a while. It’s already 97 degrees out. 🙁 And I want fall to get here!!! Besides, snuggling up with a wolf is much more fun when it’s a little cooler!!! 🙂 Thanks so much for loving the books even out of order. I do that all the time and don’t care for series where I have to read them all in order or feel I’m totally lost. I hope you love Carol’s story. I really enjoyed writing hers! 🙂 If you need some autographed book plates for your books, just email me. 🙂

    LOL, Donna. Okay, okay, she let the geckos out of the bag. Yes, they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere. Kind of like letting the wildlife inside with me…at least they’re good about eating bugs, so I’ve been told. I definitely have a bunch of those around to feed a whole population of geckos. 🙂 So thrilled you loved Darien in Destiny of the Wolf. Next up, Wolf Fever and the whole gang from Destiny of the Wolf!!

    LOL, Keira, you have a wild side to you. You’d fit right into a pack. 🙂

    Susan, you mean everyone already knows about my geckos? 🙂 They are cute, like my house pets. I hate scaring them off. Although I admit when I see one running across the wall or ceiling or floor, it nearly gives me a heart attack. When I lived in Oklahoma, we had scorpions really bad and I still think that’s what I’m seeing out of the corner of my eye, until I take a good look and realize it’s just a little gecko. 🙂

    Oh absolutely, Julie!! And thanks! If you need autographed book plates, just email me. I’m now working on book 9, The Wolf and the SEAL, which was contracted after I sent in this interview. And book 10, The Wolf in Paradise. I’m thrilled you’re looking forward to more!

    The Wolf and the SEAL is about that cantankerous Meara from To Tempt the Wolf, Hunter’s sister, who wanted an alpha mate. So now she’s got her chance, until the alpha Navy SEAL shows up to thwart her. Certainly, he is the last man on this earth she’s interested in for a mate–despite how alpha he is! But he has a mission, protect her from an advisory who is after the SEAL team Hunter had formerly belonged to, and Finn Emerson is determined to keep Meara safe.

    And then The Wolf in Paradise is about Duncan, Ian MacNeill’s younger brother, from Heart of the Highland Wolf, who is out to find the man who stole their money and return it to their Highland clan. But the money is in an offshore account, and Duncan finds himself an American botanist who gives a whole different meaning to the term paradise!

  15. Speaking of geckos my mom’s friend once thought those tiny lizards were baby crocodiles and refused to go out on our porch because of it. lol 🙂

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