Guess the Chest #10-12

We’re moving right along… some guesses have been dead on and some guesses are wrong. I’ll give you a hint all the chests belong to actors… cough #3 cough


This hunk of burning love made a splash by being blond instead of brunette. Can you guess who and why?



I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for him to drop that robe!



He’s got abs of steel and buns too…


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4 thoughts on “Guess the Chest #10-12”

  1. Chest#10 Daniel Craig
    Chest#11 Jason Chambers (just guessing)
    Chest#12 BRAD PITT (LOL) guessed it by the clothes

  2. Sorry forgot to answer question for #10—Daniel Craig made a splash because he’s a blond 007 & in Quantum of Solace he comes out of the water looking mega hot in small swim trunks.
    Most 007 actors were brunette (Dalton, Connery, Lazenby, Brosnan)—I would place Roger Moore in the Craig category though cuz’ of the hair.

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