Guess the Chest #16-18

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Chest #16

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky… who’s bed is he climbing out of?


Chest #17

He’s a little geeky, a little heroic, and definitely funny.


Chest #18

One third of a love triangle…


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2 thoughts on “Guess the Chest #16-18”

  1. Wow these are hard—I’m grasping for straws or in this case Male chests:
    #16 John Rowland leaving Eva Longoria’s bed ha,ha
    #17 Ryan Reynolds
    #18 Josh Duhamel

  2. AAAAHHHH!!!!I just realized who #18 is it’s not Josh Duhamel it’s Taylor Lautner & the triangle would be
    character names (Bella,Edward & Jacob)

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