Guess the Chest #6 and #7

If you’ve just dropped in go to this post for the Guess the Chest explanation and learn more about the blog’s birthday party. If you’re already playing along I’m getting towels ready to help mop up the drool.

One lucky commentator on this post will win a once-read ARC copy of Pemberley Manor by Kathryn Nelson. You don’t have to be right on the chests to be entered, you just have to leave a comment guessing them. Let’s begin!

The next chest has featured in women’s fantasies, both young and old. His chest is a very iconic one in a certain film.


I was surprised by how hunky this next fellow is… I don’t know why really as I’ve always found him yummy on the eyes. I suppose it is because I never think of him when he’s shirtless…


Which of course, is now burned into my retinas and is very happily lodged there.

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