Guest Review: Dangerous by Diana Palmer

by Aggie S., guest reviewer

Kilraven had lost his wife and daughter a number of years ago and like anyone who loses a loved one it stays with you forever; but in this case it seemed that there was more to her death than just dying in a fire. Kilraven takes a temporary transfer to a small town in Texas to solve the murder of one of the town’s inhabitants. There is also another case from many years before that was never solved; he finds a link between the two.

There is a dispatcher who is infatuated with Kilraven and doesn’t think he knows it, but how he keeps avoiding her is very interesting. For the Christmas party she has drawn his name for a secret gift, and she paints a picture for him, that leaves Kilraven wondering how she knew what to paint…

Kilraven needs to meet with a Senator’s wife in the Bahamas. Kilraven finds out that Winnie’s family is their neighbor down there and he needs her help. He talks Winnie into marrying him to make it look respectable for the townsfolk when they leave on a “honeymoon” together. It was agreed that this marriage would be in name only. Kilraven does not want a wife and he definitely does not want children.

As you start this book it does become hard to put it down as there are so many things going on at one time. Whose daughter is Winnie? Whose son is Matt? Who is responsible for all the deaths, the Senator, his brother or someone else?

Dangerous is a definite must read and very hard to put down!


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1 thought on “Guest Review: Dangerous by Diana Palmer”

  1. I haven’t read “Dangerous” yet but I’m addicted to Diana Palmer’s work. In fact, I’m currently reading “Heartless” – and of course I’m loving it. I’ve been picking up lots of Palmer for my e-reader!

    Ms. Palmer seems to be one of those writers that certain people – y’all know who they are- like to throw stones at from their nice, high perches. They say she writes formula. Well you know what?

    I’ve never picked up a Palmer I didn’t love. So it sounds like Ms. Palmer’s formula is pleasing her readers. As a reader, that makes one of her books a sure-thing purchase. As a writer, it’s a goal I’d love to achieve..

    Thanks for the review – I’ll make “Dangerous” my next buy!

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