Guest Review: The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Reviewed by Lynn Reynolds

This is book number 4 in Julie Kagawa’s “Iron Fey Series”.

This story is written in the first person.  I’m not usually a fan of a book written this way but I found I enjoyed this one.  The book is written for a Teen audience but adults will like it as well.  Julie also names her chapters which give the reader a hint as to what each chapter is about.

Julie has a great writing style that gives the reader “ears” to her words – you can almost hear the conversations as they take place.    She also becomes our eyes.  The reader can picture exactly what her characters are seeing.

The story starts with Ashallayn and Puck talking to each other.  As they interact, you can almost hear the sarcasm.  At times, this sarcasm has the reader laughing.  What I loved about the story was that the sarcasm, between Ash and Puck, carried all the way through.

Ash is a fey who is in love with a half-human named Meghan – but he’s not the only one.  Because of who they are, they are currently unable to be together.  Ash is trying to find a way to change that.  We also meet his first love, Ariella.

Ash has asked Grimalkin, a cat, for his help.  But Grimalkin lets him know there is a price for his favor.  This is a great reason to turn the page.  The reader wants to know what that price is.  But Julie has also made Ash a smart young man.  He’s smart enough to put some stipulations on his “payment”.

In order for Ash to be with Meghan he must complete a journey.  The journey will not be easy but it is not one that he makes alone.  As you continue reading you think of other “adventure” stories such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “The Wizard of Oz”, and “The Chronicles of Narnia” – and for the adults, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

Julie also puts in some lessons in her story.  She shows Ash that not all tasks can be completed by one person.  Sometimes you need to work as a team to get things done.  During the journey there are trials that he must accomplish.  She also makes you think – can we go back and change the past?  She lets us see a side of Ash that is very hateful and another side where he would make a terrific father.

There are all different forms of love and toward the end of the story Julie writes one that will touch your heart.

I was pleasantly surprised by this book and how much I liked it.  I will have to put her other 3 books on my to read list.


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