Review: Highlander in Love by Julia London


Highlander in Love is one of the sweetest, most delightful romances I have had the pleasure to read. Julia London spins a masterful tale that weaves the magic of Scotland into your heart. The intimate scenes between Payton and Mared are thrillingly sensual and are on a scale of not to hot, super hot. Highlander in Love combines all of the genre’s standard plots in a delightful new way.

Payton Douglas, Laird of Eilean Ros, has two hobbies: sheep raising, whiskey brewing. He has been in love with Mared Lockhart for years, the vibrant young woman from the castle Talla Dileas on the other side of the mountain. She does not hold any affection for him at all as he’s a Douglas, the enemy, the man she believes who brought destitution down on the heads of her family.

Mared has a curse upon her, one that has lived in the family for hundreds of years with devastating consequences. No daughter of a Lockhart will ever marry until she looks into the belly of the devil. Those that try to wed find themselves dead or their lovers dead. Separated from the rest of the lochs because of this curse, Mared grew into a young vivacious woman with a lot of sass. Payton finds her irresistible.

However, the Lockharts’ are in dire straights. With the introduction of sheep to the lochs, cows were not bringing in the money they’d used to bring. A large loan of 3,000 pounds was extended by Payton to Mared’s father with her hand in marriage as collateral should they fail to pay the loan back in a year.

Then the scoundrel Hugh MacAlister stole the beastie from the Lockharts, leaving them without a way to repay Douglas. But Mared won’t marry a Douglas! Determined to bring Miss Beitris Crowley into Payton’s esteem, Mared hopes that he’ll offer for Beitris instead. But Payton won’t be deterred, and in desperation Mared breaks off the betrothal.

Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Wounded by her refusal, Payton lashes out and demands that the loan be paid, as agreed upon the collateral of Mared’s promise. He forces Mared into his house as a housekeeper. But she vows to never serve him.

Packed full of wonderful dialogue and scenes, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Highlander in Love. Payton is the new Mr. Darcy; composed, misunderstood, passionate, wealthy, and desperately lonely. How will he overcome Mared’s hate of the Douglas clan and see his way to a future built on the glimmering foundation of dreams?


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