Historical Paranormal Romance Vs Contemporary Paranormal Romance

Guest post by Sandra Scholes

The man of your dreams is nibbling on your neck, and you like what he is doing. Is he a demon in disguise? A vampire waiting to take you as his next meal? Or an incubus? Maybe he’s an angel sent to save you from ever meeting a nasty piece of work werewolf who wants to eat you up – whole! Whoever he is, he might also be a few hundred years old, and getting to know him might be tricky, especially if he’s got parents to take you to see.

In Historical Paranormal Romance, ghosts and other undead are featured a great deal. Contemporary Paranormal Romance has its own interesting problems where the female characters have to deal with hundred-year-old men who look as young as Ed Cullen. Here we tackle the two genres to find out exactly what the differences are.

  1. There’s A Ghost In My Head: In Historical Paranormal Romance the main characters tend to not know why he or she can sense ghosts or spirits, yet in Contemporary Paranormal Romance they know already that they can sense them and can actually communicate with them too.
  2. Be Careful What You Say: The characters have to be careful when they are in polite company in Historical Paranormal Romance, as they can be embarrassed and/or socially ostracized if their supernatural gifts are revealed. Society is easily shocked by the supernatural. Whereas in Contemporary Paranormal Romance they will either be believed or laughed at (at least until the gifts are proven)! There’s no real lasting harm.
  3. Troubled and Troublesome: Some spirits in Historical Paranormal Romance are seen as demons who could cause many problems, and were a scourge against the church of the day – but later in Contemporary Paranormal Romance they are seen as nothing more than cruel or spirits of the long dead people who need to find rest.
  4. Bite Me…Please: Vampires in Historical Paranormal Romance cannot wait to get with a woman who wants to understand them and their nature, while in Contemporary Paranormal Romance; it’s the women who can’t wait to get with the rangy, handsome and entirely deadly vampire.
  5. Touch Me There — Touch Me Anywhere: In Historical Paranormal Romance the man wouldn’t dare touch a lady who is out investigating ghosts and other paranormal activity in a run down mansion house. You are lucky if she has brought her chaperone with her and not her mother! In Contemporary Paranormal Romance, the man just wants to get to know the girl before he gets to the touching and kissing… which leads to the, oh well, just use your imagination. 😉
  6. Lords and LadiesHave Some Fun: In Historical Paranormal Romance women start out by hating the lords they get paired with, whereas in Contemporary Paranormal Romance, they find the vampire or demon lords irresistible and want to know everything about them.
  7. Getting To The Nitty Gritty: Occasionally in Historical Paranormal Romance women always have to unravel the mystery of their birth and find out all kinds of horrid things– the murders, lords, demons, and dwarves– while in Contemporary Paranormal Romance the women already know their background and don’t seem to care, they just want to get to the handsome man at the middle of the story!

What other differences have you noticed between historical and contemporary paranormals?

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  1. This has really got me debating on which I like to read more of – I do enjoy characters who aren’t experts but are struggling to figure things out in historical paranormals, but I love how a little show and tell sets everything to right immediately in contemporary paranormals!

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