Interview with 2009 Mr. Romance Candidate Eric Truglia

lorricC’mon, sit down, relax and grab a cuppa Joe. Well no, a cuppa Eric actually. Eric Truglia sat down with me recently to discuss what went down at the Romantic Times Convention in Orlando where he was a contestant in the Mr. Romance contest. Giving us a unique look on the experience Eric shares why he competed along with exclusive behind-the-scenes gossip!

One thing you think the ladies should know about you:

Eric: I love to make people smile and laugh. I enjoy bringing happiness to others.

Why did you decide to compete in Mr. Romance?

Eric: I was always self conscience about myself. I lost a lot of weight and my confidence in myself started to rise, and that’s why I started up modeling plus the reassurance given to me by my loving girlfriend. I really enjoyed it and wanted to see how far I could go. I’ve noticed that if I start toeing at something I end up getting too nervous and let fear take control of my actions. So instead of toeing at the edge of the river I dove head first into it.

What was your favorite part about the competition and the convention?
Eric: My favorite part about the competition was that it reminded me of my high school theatre days. Rehearsing everyday and being behind the stage brought back great memories. The fact that all of the competitors, to me at least, bonded together like the way the crew and the actors did at my school made the feeling more surreal.

My favorite part of the convention would honestly have to be that I finally met and get my picture taken with the author who first got me into reading: Pears Anthony. I honestly had to force myself to stop from babbling to him. He is one of my biggest heroes. I never thought in my entire life I would meet him let alone shake his hand.

What were some of the things you did behind the scenes at RT?
Eric: Behind the scenes I helped out whenever I could as to take some of the load off of the hands of the staff, who by the way are some of the greatest group of people to be around and I was honored to work with them and my fellow competitors.

Funniest thing a person said to you while in Orlando:
Eric: Scuba! Inside joke with the guys.

One piece of advice you’d give future Mr. Romance candidates:
Eric: To future candidates I just say be yourself. Don’t try and be something you’re not. People can see through that.

You can find Eric on Facebook and Model Mayhem.

PS… When I saw this picture of Eric, my mind did a little fizzle…


Why? Because he totally looked like the new members of the New Moon crew, you know the ones, those in that sexy werewolf pack running around in La Push these days.


Now if Eric were cast as Jacob Black, I would be over the moon, pun intended, because Eric is hot! What say you?

Wouldn't Eric Truglia make a perfect Jacob Black?

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1 thought on “Interview with 2009 Mr. Romance Candidate Eric Truglia”

  1. Eric,even though very young, is a very very nice and talented kid.He will have a wonderful career as a cover model.
    For me the oldest of the group it was an experience,what can I say.
    I learned a lot during these 5 days.
    I learned that it was not obligatory like the Rules were sayng to stay in the hotel during the convention and I could have stayed in my friend’s house and save my money.
    Like the fellow contestant Mr Stefan Pinto that stayed in his uncle’s place during the whole convention.
    I learned that not always the best man wins but the one with the best connections.
    I learned that if in your resume have chippendale experience(like some earlier Mr Romance winners) or been featured in a porno magazine is like a romance diploma.
    Must be like Romance=Sex.
    There is so much more to learn……….
    It was an experience though!
    All my best wishes to Eric!!!

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