Kiss and Tell: Jill Shure on Her Hero

by Jill Shure, guest blogger and author of Night Jazz, Night Glitter, and Night Caps.

My idea of a hero is my husband. He isn’t a swashbuckling pirate, a swaggering cowboy, or a muscle-bound hero from a romance novel. He is better than all of these romantic ideals. He’s the kind of man who drops me off at the door then goes to park the car. He always offers to go with me to my doctors’ appointments. And he has held my hand through some dark hours, when my spirits sagged and I needed a great friend. Like when I was seriously ill or in the middle of a personal crisis. And he has put up with me when I’ve been impossibly disagreeable and having a gun in the house might’ve been risky, as he often jokes.

He has seen me change over our twenty-five years together, seen my waist thicken and lines form around my eyes. And he has stood by me through it all. He is the husband we all want but few of us find.

He helps with the house, our dogs and cats. He empties the dishwasher. And he is kind to my friends. He is there to help me fight endless battles with new technologies, and the challenges of being a writer. He is a hard worker who has managed to create a comfortable lifestyle for us.

He is never judgmental. And he demonstrates loyalty and integrity every day of his life. We are bound together by hundreds of experiences. And I suppose the strongest glue would be the laughs we’ve shared during our marriage. What can I say? He stands taller than any hero I could create on a computer. Because he tackles the small stuff without complaint. Because he abounds with personal traits that add up to an outstanding human being who impresses me every day.


Jill Shure is the award-winning author of Night Jazz, Night Glitter, and Night Caps. Night Glitter, her most recent release, follows modern-day heroine Jeri Devlin as she mysteriously travels back in time to the early 1930’s, finding love, lust, and adventure all the way. Find out more about the author and the books at

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  1. Jill if you have sons and if they’re anything like your husband tell them to watch out! I’m going to kidnap one. lol 😛 Your hubby sounds like a wonderful guy!

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