Love a Genie: Get the Fire Without the Burn

Guest Blog by Kellyann Zuzulo, author of The Genie Ignites (The Zubis Chronicles)

He’s the perfect man… only he’s not a man. Attentive, amorous, athletic, devoted, intense, intelligent, sexy and skilled.Is it possible? It is if he’s a genie.

The jinn—known by Westerners as genies—have been around for thousands of years. Let’s be clear, the jinn are not blue and do not sound like Robin Williams with a head cold.

The lifespan of a genie far surpasses that of a human. They’ve seen it all. They’ve learned it all. They know how to apply it. Their body temperature is several degrees above that of a regular guy. He is, literally, hot. Isn’t that what every woman wants?

According to myths and written records, the jinn were forged from the smokeless flame. They exist on a parallel plane to humans. And every once in a while, they cross over. They look like humans…only more fit. They have no patience for head games, fatty foods, and reality shows. He’ll call you when you hope he will. He won’t flirt with your girlfriend. He won’t split the bill. He prefers to live life as it’s happening and to show his partner the wonders of world travel.

The magic carpet myth arose from the fact that the jinn travel on clusters of fast-moving energy molecules. In the ancient world, the only way to explain this phenomenon was that they traveled on a magic carpet.

When he protects what is his, a genie is ferocious. Imagine that you are that person for whom the genie will do anything.Let me get you started.I’ve imagined it for you in the form of Zubis, a genie whose love and passion is unswervingly dedicated to one human woman, Bethany O’Brien. He’s a bad boy with a purpose, and that’s what gives him integrity.

The jinn have been around long enough to know not to sweat the little things.He will wait for her to realize what it is she needs. And, along the way, he will show her what she’d be missing…with a touch, a caress, a soul-searing kiss.

Do you think that Bethany will choose him? Would you? Read The Genie Ignites to find out.

Kellyann Zuzulo

Author Bio: A former journalist, Kellyann’s interest in Middle Eastern myth and legend stems from her stint as a Managing Editor of Publications for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington, D.C.She is a published author of several genie romance novellas. One book, Angels & Genies, was included in a collection for which Charlaine Harris wrote the foreword. Kellyann lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, three children, and a jaunty terrier named Djin-Djin.

Her latest book is The Genie Ignites (The Zubis Chronicles).

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  1. Hi Patricia! Thanks for stopping by. You haven’t read a romance with a genie? You have GOT to meet Zubis. It gets intense between him and Bethany, but it’s the type of emotion (and reading) we live for. ; ) I think you’ll like it.

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