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Zarabeth – The Royal Fact Checker

“Research is Golden.”

Hi Ladies! (and gents who will never admit they’ve read this :P)

I’m Zarabeth! I live and love in Boston now. I’m a Mary Kay Consultant and a Research Coordinator at Boston Medical Center. I love the historical romance that isn’t afraid to do its homework on the period, customs, and costumes. I like a little smut but don’t want to see any of those words- you know which ones I mean.

My favorites are inevitably spinsters or women of experience who have been around the block and know who they are. No peppy ingénues for me. I need to identify with my heroines and simply can’t abide the airheads, though naiveté is allowed. I like men who are men and need my heroes to have a bit of a primal nature to them, whether they keep it under wraps, are haunted by it, or let their rakish ways consume them.

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Sharon S. – PNRimpared

“Feeding my addiction one book at a time and proud of it!”

I am a 44 year old wife (married 20 years), mother of two girls (15 & 9), second degree Black Belt in Taekwondo and I am addicted to PNR/UF, paranormal mysteries and recently M/M romances. Books are my crack, the kindle is my pipe and is my dealer. Yes, I have a problem, and NO, I don’t want help <G>. I am constantly PNRimpared.

I love alpha-males. I like them to be ornery and arrogant with a small gooey center. I want them to get their asses handed to them by a tough, smart mouthed (snarky) female that teaches them they have to *earn a woman’s respect and trust.* I like my UF dark and even bordering on horror. I also like witty PNR. I want nothing to do with sappy.

When it comes to M/M though I *want the sappy happy crap <G>.* Double standard? You bettcha!

I don’t like erotica. I need to have a substantial plot and romance.

My first (and favorite) PNR was J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series and then Kresley Cole’s Immortals After Dark series. My favorite UFs are Kim Harrison’s Rachel Morgan series, Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series and Karen Chance’s Cassandra Palmer series. (I really have an 8 page list of my favorites)

If I had to pick the Ultimate Alpha-Male it would be Barrons from Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series (if you haven’t read this series go cry on a pile of books, cause you are so out of the loop). My Ultimate Kick-Ass female would be Kate Daniels from Ilona Andrews.

I like to hang out on Goodreads (, Supernatural Underground (favorite author blog) and I have a list of about 16 other blogs I stalk. Contact me if you are looking for some suggestions.

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Susan S. – Romantic Suspense Special Agent 003

“File No. 2011-003-210”

Favorite Subgenres: Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance, “Dark” Paranormal Romances, and Regency Era Historicals. Although…Georgian is good too.

Favorite Trope: Reformed Rakes

Characters I Can’t Get Enough Of: Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters, or any paranormal character in leather. I also love law enforcement officers. If there’s a hero/heroine with a badge-I’m all over it! Then of course…there’s the unscrupulous, but oh so handsome rakes.

Blah-Blah: I’m an avid coffee drinking reader; who’s always surrounded by books. I use the pseudonym Witchy Woman. Mainly because of my love of the show Bewitched. Not to mention, I own a lot of books about witches. My favorite? L.J. Smith’s The Secret Circle trilogy.

Favorite Book Types: Crime fiction, Harlequin Intrigues, and novels which have at least 7 brothers and sisters. You know…series!

Favorite Authors Intro: I just know, I’m going to get in trouble for this! Before I begin, let me apologize. “Sorry, truly sorry.” “Holy hell-I knew I’d forget so and so!” All right. Let’s take a quick peek at who I’m wasting too much money on.

Pedestal Status: Alexandre Dumas, Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, Freda Michel, and Nora Roberts.

Favorite Authors by Name: Sherrilyn Kenyon, Devyn Quinn, Terry Spear, Lydia Dare

Favorite Authors Continued: L.J. Smith, Julie Garwood, Kerrelyn Sparks, Gena Showalter, Lynsay Sands, Erica Ridley, Amelia Grey, Jude Deveraux, P.C. Cast, Tracy Cooper-Posey, Stacey Kennedy, Isabel Roman, J.R. Ward (You were right, Sandra!), Donna Lea Simpson, Eve Langlais, Julie Dolcemaschio, Michele Hauf, Roxanne Rhoads, Kimberly Frost, Judi Fennell, Monica Burns, Tessa Dare, Susan Crandall, Jenna Mills, Emma Holly, Linda Howard, Michelle Miles, Sharon Sala, Nina Bruhns, Carolyn Brown, Suzanne Selfors, Sharon Donovan, Deanna Jewel, B.J. Daniels, Lisabet Sarai, Cathleen Ross, Garland, Brit M., Kilt Kilpatrick, Trinity Blacio, Cynthia Gentry, Reno Lark, Em Brown, Eliza Gayle, Brieanna Robertson, N.J. Walters, among others. And of course…Nora Roberts. Oh, would you look at that! I already mentioned her. Well, considering I own approximately 40 of her books, she deserved another mention.

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Sandra Scholes – Homoerotic Princess

“Wickedly admiring hot young men since 2004.”

Sandra likes nothing more than cuddling up to a good romance novel or two. Her firm favourites are Regency, Victorian, (read into this anything – period.) Homoerotic romance has her up all night if it’s the right book. She likes a good tragedy plot, or one that can’t be worked out easy by the characters, and she likes resolutions too. Humor in a plot is appreciated, but not always received if it’s horror or sci-fi in nature.

Her favourite authors are: Nancy Kilpatrick, Anne Rice, Stephen King, D H Starr, Mitzi Szereto, Sara Reinke, Cecilia Tan, and Dyanna Ashe.

She doesn’t care for contemporary much, unless it’s really good and has got her clinched in the first couple of paragraphs. She doesn’t care for soppy dramas or plots that are easy to solve. Old style authors don’t impress her much – they just remind her of her school days of having to read them.

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Carla F. – Viscountess of Verso

“Certain that all Dukes, Earls, and Viscounts are handsome of face, intelligent and need no padding for their shoulders.”

Carla is a Systems Analyst and mother of two boys. She needs the escapism that romance brings.

Favorite Genres: the Historical (Medieval, Tudor, Regency, Victorian, Early American, Western (any subgenres left?)); Contemporary, (but only occasionally suspense); M/M (not one but two men!); the bad boys of the night: werewolves and vampires.

Her favorite authors (in alphabetical order) are: Shayla Black, Candance Camp, Liz Carlyle, Victoria Dahl, Lydia Dare, Tessa Dare, Sylvia Day, Jennifer Haymore, Elizabeth Hoyt, Samantha Kane, Lisa Kleypas, Josh Lanyon, Erin McCarthy, K. A. Mitchell, Julia Quinn, Marie Sexton, Sherry Thomas, and Terry Spear.

Heroines: Smart is most important; there are some TSTL heroines who have tempted her to throw her Kindle and stomp on it.

Heroes: Alpha males are almost always welcome, but sometimes nothing but a geek will do.

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10 thoughts on “Meet the Review Staff at Love Romance Passion”

  1. @Carla-Viscountess of Verso (ROFL). Of course-no padding for their shoulders!

    @Sandra-Dang funny. I’m not a lady of one and twenty, so I’ll steer clear of the hot young men remark.

    @Sharon-That makes 2 of us with an addiction. Singing Amy Winehouse’s No Rehab. “They tried to make me go to rehab, and I said no, no, no.”

    @Zarabeth-I concur; research is golden.

  2. @Zarabeth – I have a question for you, what age do you think a gal is considered a spinster in contemporary romances? The heroine will never say she is one, but what age counts? Do you think it’s younger than the Regency period spinster because of how sex outside of marriage is viewed now?

    @Sharon – I so agree with the alpha male. Give me a guy who needs to be taken down a peg and a heroine willing to do it. It’s a tough job, but hey someone has to do it, right? lol 🙂 I’m sure there’s no complaints in the end either.

    @Susan – I love a reformed rake, but I have to get you to try a sexy virgin hero. Have you read Endearment yet? I know you got it for your Kindle, but I don’t know if you’ve read it. lol

    @Sandra – You and I are fans of the (well written) drama/tragedy. Give me lots of (breakup) angst and a happy resolution and I’m hugging the book.

    @Carla – How could you even contemplate hurting your poor Kindle that way? What heroines had you grinding your teeth and thinking such technologically crazy thoughts? It’s one thing with a paperback, another with a Kindle! lol 😀

  3. I did read it! And thought it was absolutely lovely. Anna did what she had to, to survive. In her case deceiving Karl and yet he was everything kind and naive, and in the end…even forgiving. But I still love the rakes!! Ha,ha. But Karl was a nice change-of-pace.

  4. @Zarabeth – I love your costume and hat. Did you make the dress?

    @Sharon – Just tell everyone that you can quit anytime (while hiding your current romance behind your back).

    @Susan – Leather is good (lol). Series are great.

    @Sandra – “Homoerotic romance has her up all night” (LOL)

    @Keira – I have tried to remember some books where I have wanted to do that. I can remember that some Harlequins had TSTL girls in them, but not really anything else. I think that my brain is protecting itself and my Kindle. Ha. Now I was trapped in the car when my spouse was reading Twilight to my boys. Bella could have caused my Kindle’s destruction if I had ever loaded Twilight there.

  5. @Carla – Yes she did. She made a few others too… check out the one she did first: There’s also a lovely red one she should write into a post and share too… nudge nudge Zarabeth… lol 😀 By comparison to the one I linked to and the red one, the one here in this post was really easy to whip together she said.

    (as for Twilight… I promise to keep it on my Kindle only…. lol)

    @Susan – Yay! I’m so glad you liked Endearment. I love the scene on top of the tick bed after they made love the first time and it’s all about the size of her breasts – blueberries vs watermelons. lol

  6. @keira I have a question for you, what age do you think a gal is considered a spinster in contemporary romances?

    In regency if the poor girl passes 23 she’s pretty seriously “on the shelf”. She believes it, her family believes it, the chaperones believe it- it’s a done deal.
    In contemporary romances I think it has nothing to do with her age, as far as the number goes. The modern woman’s relationship state is a completely self-fulfilling prophecy. I’d say if she still considers herself on the dating scene whether shes 15 or 50 then she is not a spinster. If she has given up, refuses to date, and is resigned to that fate then she is a spinster.
    Doesn’t mean she can’t change her mind though…

    1. Well the technical definition for a spinster is “never marrying” not “never sexing,” but I think common perception of the term has changed to be more about sex than marriage (I could be wrong). A spinster to common thought would be somebody too prude or too virtuous to have sex perhaps. If this is the case then age 18 is probably spinster age. If the definition for most people still revolves around the marriage side then yeah, 50 or “giving up on dating” would be the spinster age. That said I have to wonder really about the term spinster in the Regency era, because if you really think about it in the Regency era unmarried women were spinsters, but courtesans were not. Is the difference sexual activity?

  7. Interesting thought, Keira..

    I’ve always thought of it as never having a relationship and never expecting to marry.
    I’ve definitely read Regency romances where a former prostitute was considered a spinster so I had not though of the line we could draw based on sexual experience. Neat!

  8. I’ve always thought of spinster as an older woman who has not married and has decided not to. Maybe the love of her life died while they were engaged, or maybe she just never got on well with men or… 😉 But that’s just the spin I’ve always put to it. Interesting to see the different perceptions!

    @Sharon – nothing wrong with double standards! 😉

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