Movie Review: 17 Again starring Matthew Perry and Zack Efron

I read a really funny review of 17 Again right before going to see the movie. It said something along the lines of if you can suspend belief that someone who looked like Zack Efron could wind up looking like Matthew Perry in twenty years then you can enjoy the movie. Truer words never spoken.

Matthew Perry plays in the beginning and at the end of the movie with the majority of the film being driven by Zack Efron. What I liked about the casting the most (besides that Zack is such a hunk) was that both Matthew and Zack developed and acted mannerisms in the same way and also were able to deliver similar lines in the same manner.

Zack was also very believable. He did nothing over the top. It was funny to watch him extract himself from his “daughter’s clutches” and a delight to watch him become good friends with his son. While there was a slight weird factor, it was still cute to watch him fall back in love with his wife. Very romantic. Loved his scene in the court room!


I was non-stop laughing throughout this movie. I was laughing at everything (in a good way) from the dialogue to the actors to the clothes. I highly recommend going to see this movie. It’s feel good, ends happy, and let’s face it has Zack Efron in it. What more of a reason do you need?

As I was walking out of the theater, everybody was raving. If you’re still not convinced go in the morning to a matinee and pay less for your ticket. You’ll be glad you did.

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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  1. Saw it with my niece and nephew – quite humorous, but there definitely is an “ick” factor for the pre-teens with the whole 37-yr old love interest piece of the story. I had two heads buried against my shoulders and two voices squealing “oh, THAT’S disgusting!” in my ears at one pivotal point!

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