Movie Review: Boys Over Flowers starring Hye-sun Koo, Min-ho Lee, and Hyun-joong Kim

What You Need to Know: Boys Over Flowers is a Korean TV romantic drama. It runs for two seasons with a total of 25 episodes. The series is based on a Manga series of the same title which I have not read. There’s been other adaptations of the Manga besides this one with differences.

Recommended: If you like/love/drool over Twilight; if you adore foreign films, especially Asian ones, and can read with ease lots of subtitles or know Korean; if you’re a girl lol—:D; if you like love triangles or if you like YA romances… any one of these and you should see this show; more than 3 of these and you’d be a fool not to see it!

Plot: The story takes place at an elite boarding school where only the top 1% of Korea’s wealthy children attend (and even then some of them can’t get into the school.) Geum JanDi saves a bullied male student from committing suicide while running clothes from her father’s dry cleaning business to the school. Journalists and the public voice are having a field day with it until the school’s president decides to offer a scholarship spot to the girl. From there JanDi runs into the F4, a group of popular boys that run the school, and immediately gets on Goo JoonPyo’s bad side. What follows is a wonderfully complex soap opera full of awesome.

The Love Triangle: (Lots of Twilight references ahead…just because it’s a common base for most to jump from…) It’s so hard to choose because they’re both like Edward Cullen more than Jacob Black.

One of the guys – Goo JoonPyo even has his own crazy hot wild hairdo. It’s curly! It’s adorable. I love it. He’s the possessive one and is basically all of Edward Cullen’s darker qualities, but with a tender streak too. Min-ho Lee who plays Goo JoonPyo has a very expressive face and a really hot body. Yum!

The other guy – Yoon JiHoo is all of Edward’s sensitive artistic aspects combined with his aloofness. Hyun-joong Kim who plays JiHoo is also very hot. I want to go to Korea and date these two boys (seriously! Wow!) JiHoo dislikes all the stupid drama at his school and often rushes to Geum JanDi’s rescue.

The girl – Geum JanDi is a very warm character. She likes to eat, stand up to bullies, and like Bella Swan prefers to stand on her own two feet and not accept monetary bribes or help from the guys. JanDi is played by Hye-sun Koo and the girl is adorable with big eyes. I love how she walks a bike back and forth when she’s not pedaling it – cute!

Final Thoughts: This show has it all – boarding school, school wide bullying/hazing, love triangle, side romances, drowning 3 times? 4 times? something like that, 2 physical disabling incidents, amnesia, lots of fainting and passing out immediately into dead sleeps, faked accidents, fake hospital stays, vacations, backstabbing, revenge, kidnapping, innocents getting setup, getting caught in a blizzard, three proposals, an arranged/forced marriage, estranged family getting reunited, and the kitchen sink in there somewhere too!

[Rating:5] – Don’t walk, run! Get a copy!

As of December 13, 2011 this is on Netflix (streaming).

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Boys Over Flowers starring Hye-sun Koo, Min-ho Lee, and Hyun-joong Kim”

  1. Interesting to hear your thoughts on this and great to hear how much you enjoyed and loved watching this drama! I’m also a fan of the Boys Over Flowers story line too! =D Though I, too, have not read the manga that all these adaptions were based on, I have watched the 2 seasons of the Taiwanese TV drama (a long time ago) and loved it. After the 2 seasons ended, I have thought about watching other adaptions and perhaps even reading the manga but sadly, I have never gotten around to it. The manga will probably not be read because it is quite long and from what a friend, who has read the manga, told me how you have to “get used to” the drawing style, I think I’ll stick to the TV adaptions (when I have time). After reading your review on the Korean adaption, I kind of want to watch it and get into all the drama of the Boys Over Flowers world again. =)

    If you’re looking for other adaptions to watch, I recommend watching the Taiwan adaptions (called Meteor Garden I & II) because I definitely enjoyed the eye candy of the two actors who played the main guys of the love triangle (though acting-wise, there’s something left to be desired since it was basically the first gig for almost all of them). Let us know how you like any other adaptions (or the original manga) of Boys Over Flowers if you do decide to try them out! =)

    1. Meteor Garden I & II got it! I heard that one of the actors from Boys Over Flowers is in Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss (Netflix and IMDB are calling it 2 different things) which I want to see too and a friend recently recommended For You in Full Blossom. It’s supposed to be like She’s the Man with Amanda Bynes but even better.

      1. OMG! I LOVED the Taiwanese TV drama version of For You in Full Blossom!! I second your friend’s recommendation! It was so good and SO funny and again, loved all the actors on there. It’s based on yet another manga, this one called Hana-Kimi and I believe the Taiwan version was the first TV adaption, even before the Japanese TV adaption of the manga. For this one, I actually starting reading the manga first and it’s a quick and enjoyable type of read, also very funny as well. I actually bought the first 6 volumes of the manga in English, but when I found out that there are over 40 volumes out in Japan already, I decided to stick to other means of reading the manga (and have yet finished it all, lol). So do let us know if you ever watch For You in Full Blossom, I’d like to know what you think about either TV adaptions!

        As for Playful Kiss/Mischievous Kiss, I haven’t watched it but I do know that there were 2 seasons of a Taiwanese TV adaption of it (and I think the Taiwan one came first again… lol, do you see a pattern? Kinda weird seeing how the original material originated from Japan). I think the English names of the Taiwan versions were It Started With a Kiss and They Kiss Again.

  2. hi! love your blog!! XD, well if ypu really liked this, you should try the japanese version, I think is the best one of the 3 adaptations, hope you like it!

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