Movie Review: New Moon starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner


I saw this movie opening night with seats at a premium even with every theater devoted to the midnight showing. Talk about a rush! Unofficial reports are claiming New Moon topped Dark Knight and other movies in opening midnight showing sales. Despite the big bucks and the glory of a fanbase it really is unsurprising that New Moon tanked in critic ratings. Every critical review I’ve come across so far has been written by a guy. Maybe I’m biased – okay I am, but the point is still valid and if their reviews are valid then so is my review.

On the whole I believe the acting was infinitely better in New Moon than in Twilight. Yes, some of the dialogue is cheesy, but it is good cheesy. Much of the mushy stuff was in the book or modified from the book. I like mushy. If for nothing else, give the actors credit for saying it all with a straight face.

My guilty pleasure for New Moon is reading the beginning breakup scene and the ending sequence over and over again. Edward/Bella angst = yum. Therefore it is easy to see why I did not mind the “moping” scenes with Kristen Stewart. Critics are saying she’s completely expressionless and sucking the life out of the movie, but they don’t understand that the movie is about losing true love.

A new moon is the absence of the moon and is a metaphor for the absence of Edward. The moping is done for a reason. I think Kristen did a great job and had a lot of nuances in her face to express pain and depression. Her nightmare scenes reflected her acting skills from being bitten in the ballet studio. While I think the nightmares could have been toned down by say one maybe two in the middle part it wasn’t terrible. They were a great way to show Charlies care and love for his daughter.

Robert Pattinson impressed me with his ability to look like he wants to cry and can’t! He has really improved as a actor.

Twilight Lexicon with Alphie’s review of New Moon

To that I say ditto. I understood Edward was supposed to be wholly against leaving Bella but I hadn’t quite understood Rob’s expressions were meant to be expressions of tearless crying. When I got that (during the actual breakup scene) it was so much better for me.


She [Bella] never crosses a line from friendship with Jacob, but it is easy to see how he would read her signals differently. Stupid girl, to court disaster on more than one front.

Karin at Review New Moon (movie)

I was prepared to hate this movie because of the majority being spent in focus of Jacob, but Taylor Lautner truly surprised me and in a good way. He did a phenomenal job and I especially enjoyed the scenes at Bella’s house. When Jacob and Bella hug, he embraces her like a lover, but she clasps her hands behind his back in a manner that screams friendship. Their almost kiss by the phone and when he begs her not to leave by Alice’s car are very charged.

There were some beautiful shots in this film. The scene in Italy with all the people dressed in red and Bella running through the crowds is the one that stands out the most. There were lots of fluid scene splices though some of the cutting between scenes bugged me. The ones that did made the movie feel HP5 rushed in a way that if you hadn’t read the book would make you think they left something out (though nothing really is).

My favorite trick I must say is camera rotation around Bella while showing three months passing by.

Cydia Matos at REVIEW: Twilight Saga’s New Moon Lives Up to Novel.

I agree! It was absolutely perfect. Loved the seasons and the activities shown that others were doing outside.


In addition, I really liked the CGI in this film; it’s easily 100x better than Twilight which is a good thing too! The werewolf shifting, ghost Edward, the vampire fights, the cracking on Edward’s face is fantastic! Yes, even the sparkle is better.

The vampire eyes looked really fake to me, and too perfect if that makes sense. Even though vampires are suppose to look perfect like that, and have golden eyes I still didn’t like them. People still have color changes in their eye, even if the overall affect is brown … or in this case red or yellow gold. The eye color is very flat.

Captain Yarr at Movie Review: New Moon directed by Chris Weitz

The eyes did look very strange and I think Captain Yarr hit the nail on the head. They’re strange because they’re flat. Without the minute changes in color you’d see in a real eyes the overall effect is blank, static, and solid color contact looking.


Alice didn’t look like a fashionista either. Her outfits were pretty strange. Rosalie and Jasper’s hairstyles changed to make them look older, but Rosalie didn’t really look like herself and Jasper’s hair just looked sloppy.

The Volturi were awesome! Loved them and Jane and Alec even. As I said earlier the fighting here was well done. A good job by everyone (cast and crew) all around!

I will definitely get this on DVD as soon as possible.

Oh and if you thought there was something wrong with Robert Pattinson’s chest in Volterra, Italy you would not be wrong: ROBsessed Nip-vestigates Robward’s “Wonky” Mipple aka Left Mipple Gate.

Edit: After second viewing, I have add by saying Kristen Stewart does an amazing panic run. It’s truly a panic mode and not something cheesy. Kudos to her!

What did you think of the film?

Rating: 4 Stars

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6 thoughts on “Movie Review: New Moon starring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner”

  1. I can’t decide if I enjoyed Alice’s vision of Bella as a vampire at the end. It’s the scene where Edward and Bella are dressed old fashioned, say in 1908 fashion, and as Bella runs a shaft of sunlight hits her and makes her face sparkle. I think Edward looked okay but Bella looked more like Kristen in a period costume and less like the character.

  2. Yes it’s different. There’s enough difference to change how things can play out.

    For one – Bella actually tells Jake she loves him which doesn’t happen until book 3 and at the end of it because as Jake tells Edward “she doesn’t know.”

    You could argue that the words meant “I love you… but I’m not in love with you.” That could undo the damage and let them rework it for movie three.

    That would be in my opinion the biggest change in the book.

  3. Oh yeah, our resident 12 year olds were whining about how “they changed, like, so much from the book!” and then gave a list of everything that DID NOT happen in the book.

    And my friend and I really liked that scene where the werewolf boys are walking away from Bella into the woods: Jacob has so much muscle that his jeans cannot contain it all… very nice view!

  4. I’m a huge fan of the Bella emails to Alice. Holy crow, can you imagine Edward when/if he finds them? Seriously – wow. Forgot to say how much I liked that aspect in the movie. I don’t remember it being a part of the books but I could be wrong.

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