Movie Review: Outsourced starring Ayesha Dharker and Josh Hamilton

I saw this movie 3 times within 3 days and enjoyed it every time.

Todd Anderson is the vice president of customer relations and order fulfillment for a company that sells over the phone patriotic kitsch. Within five minutes of the movie starting, Todd learns that despite his excellent record and that of his team they’re being outsourced. If he wants to keep his job he must head to India for the purpose of training his replacement and the new team. Part of the job description is to get the minutes per incident down to six, a nearly impossible feat due to the accent and cultural differences.


Culture shock hit the minute Todd lands in India and gets off the plane. Frustrated, irritated, and disappointed with everything Todd bungles his way through 24 hours. Some of the things he misses that seem common knowledge enough to me are worthy of a little eye rolling. If it’s a social gaffe to double dip in America why would you think it’s okay to lick your fingers before putting your hand back into a bowl of food?

In any case, the more Todd resists India the bleaker things seem. Will he ever be able to return home to America or will he be stuck in India forever? Luckily he learns quickly that the best way to get what he wants is to stop resisting India’s culture and charm. Within the month this movie takes place becomes a top notch manager and teacher.

As the story develops, Todd also finds a love interest. He learns the differences of courting and just how important appearances are for women. The romance is referred to by Asha, the girl, as a Holiday in Goa, which means the love affair before one has to enter an arranged marriage. She is accepting that it’s not a love match, but expects love to develop over time. When confronted by how crazy it was to agree to something so archaic, Asha tells Todd it’s crazier that Americans have a 50% divorce rate.

They fall in love and naturally must part ways, but wait!!!! Without giving too much away I will say this: the ending is positive and open ended with enough leeway to write any conclusion a viewer wishes.

Rating: 5 Stars

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Outsourced starring Ayesha Dharker and Josh Hamilton”

  1. Sounds like a great movie! I’m impressed that you’re able to watch the same movie so many times in a short amount of time. I need a few months between watchings.

    1. I didn’t have much choice, we watched it the second time because we wanted to get our fill of it before taking it back to the library and then the third time was to share it with a neighbor. Luckily it’s a good movie that bears repeat watching (even if it’s back to back!)

    1. That is so true. Rebecca Hazlewood has done a far better job in the ‘Outsourced’ TV series. Wonder why they cancelled it. It was a rather awesome show.

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