Movie Review: PS I Love You starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler

So I finally gave in and watched P.S. I Love You for the first time. It sounded like such a sad and depressing movie that I really didn’t want to watch it. How many others thought the same thing when it first came out? And while the movie has its sad moments, it also had a lot of touching and funny moments helping the movie grow just as it helped the main character, Holly Kennedy, to grow.

Holly and Gerry have been an item since their teenage days, married young and still don’t have kids. Gerry dies from a brain tumor and his death has for all intensive purposes has killed Holly too. She herself is dead to life and is struggling, going through a facsimile of living and doing it poorly. Holly wallows in her apartment remembering Gerry and moments of their life together until…

A birthday cake and tape recording jumpstart Holly. On her thirtieth birthday, Holly receives these two gifts from her dead husband. She thinks it’s a terrible joke until she plays the message. Gerry is talking to her, telling her that he loves her but it’s time to move on and enjoy life again. He plans to give her ten messages, in all different ways at random intervals, to help her get over him.

Every adventure gets her out of their apartment and takes her somewhere new. She winds up in Ireland for the trip they never took and ends up sleeping with another hot Irish musician after he somehow knew to sing her Gerry’s song. When she finds out the man was akin to being Gerry’s best friend growing up she’s horrified. The friend too is completely taken aback by the news and rushes to reassure her that Gerry wouldn’t be angry with her. It’s a very sweet moment.

The whole movie is about Holly finding her single self again. She went from being a couple and knowing exactly who she was and how she functioned in that setting to being single. There’s romance in this between flashbacks of her and Gerry and daydreams of Gerry as well as a hint of future love with his best friend, but mostly this movie is like a coming of age story. I liked it a lot despite my original concerns. You’ll cry but you’ll laugh too.

[rating: 4]

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  1. I adored this film. I loved the idea of leaving behind something like Gerry did for someone after you’ve passed away. It’s like this site I found called, where you can store a profile about your life, and even store emails to be sent out to your loved ones after you’ve died. So romantic!

  2. You should read the book too, it was fantastic! I watched the movie when it first came out and really enjoyed it. I even like how the ending was left open for my imagination, something that rarely happens.

  3. i’ve watched this movie also 😀 i thought the giddiness ends when Gerry died. but it’s relived through her daydreams-nice and very unpredictable. i like how it ended too.

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