Movie Review: Walk in the Clouds Starring Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón

Walk in the Clouds is one of the sweetest love stories I have ever seen on the silver screen. I’ve fallen in love with the cast and characters as surely as I have fallen in love with Pride and Prejudice. The grandfather (Anthony Quinn) is by far my favorite; he’s got eyes in the back of his head. The man turns up every time poor Paul (Keanu Reeves) tries to run off and follow the plan he and Victoria (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón) hatched before arriving to her family’s vineyard. Who doesn’t love Anthony Quinn? Really? I want him to adopt me so I can be his granddaughter.

Walk in the Clouds is the name of the vineyard the Aragóns have cultivated and inhabited for generations. They are a proud set of Mexican descendants who have recipes that were in their family cookbook before Americans created their Constitution. Something Papa Aragón loves to rub Paul Sutton’s face in. Papa doesn’t believe this drifter is or could ever be the right man for his daughter, Victoria and tries to scare him off.


Leaving is exactly what Paul needs to do. His plans were to help Victoria by posing as her husband. They met on the train, and then on the bus, and then alongside the road to her family’s home. She tells Paul that her father is going to kill her – and he just might, for Victoria has a secret… she’s pregnant and the father deserted her when he found out.

The unfolding of love and devotion throughout Walk in the Clouds between the gorgeous Victoria and honest Paul will pull at your heartstrings. There are some decidedly sensual moments throughout the movie – when Victoria teaches Paul how to fan the grapes and when they’re both covered in grape juice from the harvest. Whew! If you have never seen Walk in the Clouds – you must! If you have reestablish your connection with this tremendously wonderful tale set around the end of World War Two.

Rating: 5 Stars

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  1. Great movie. And, yeah, the scene where they’re covered in the grape juice… definitely Whew!

  2. And he was so good in that scene too – wanting her and knowing he couldn’t.

  3. This is one of my favorite films! Absolutely love it.

  4. This is truly one of my absolute favorites! It’s got that charm that’s hard to find in movies nowadays! You’re absolutely right about falling in love with the characters! And I so agree about Pride and Prejudice having the same affect! Great review! I need to get me a copy of that dvd!!

  5. Thanks for reminding me of this sweet romance movie. It was one of the first movies I’d seen with Keanu Reeves and I really enjoyed it. I ‘specially remember the scenes when they were fanning the grapes 🙂

  6. The grape scene is awesome — and so is the scene where they’re covered in grape juice and almost do it — sexual tension you could cut with a knife.

  7. Ah, Keanu Reeves how I adore you. Such a long way from Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, though that’s still a favorite. I love this movie all around, especially Anthony Quinn. What a phomenal actor! (Ever see The Secret of Santa Vittoria with him? You should!)

  8. I’ve seen B&T EA 1 and 2 on several different tv channels over the last month or three. I saw them for the first time back in college. I like Keanu Reeves, not mnay of my friends do so I’m glad to see another fan!

  9. I absolutely love this movie! It’s a wonderful love story but also a wonderful family story. Anthony Quinn’s character is adorable.
    I adore the song…Amooooorrr si me llamas amooorrr….. love love love the scene where Keanu sings. I secretly wish someday I get a “serenata” like Keanu gave Victoria hehe (of YOU are reading this get the clue!!! ha ha).
    Even my grandma loves this movie LOL

    I heart Keanu! He had me at “Point Break” and “Sweet November” and of course at “Walk in the clouds” 🙂

    ps. It’s been a while since I posted here!
    Happy blogversary Keira!

    • Thanks MJ! I love this movie and yes Anthony Quinn definitely makes it… Keanu too! My favorite scene is the one where they all come together to try to save the vineyard and she’s wearing butterfly wings. So pretty!!!

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