My Top 10 Favorite Romance Movies


Everyone has movies that they tend to watch over and over and over again. We watch them because they make us happy, because we love the acting and the story. Yesterday I saw for the first time a movie that came out in 2007. It was stunning and has without a moment’s hesitancy, entered my favorites list. That movie was Arranged. Look out for a formal review as I will be writing one.

My Top Ten Favorite Romance Movies

(In order by release date.)

  1. Beauty and the Beast (1991) It’s easy to see that this is most girls’ first introduction into paranormal romance. The Beast and castle are clearly enchanted through magic. The castle itself is very Gothic, and our poor hero is as shaggy as any werewolf, though he certainly cleans up nice!
  2. Walk in the Clouds (1995) This lovely postwar romance follows a young soldier as he attempts to sell chocolates and winds up rescuing a damsel in distress. The grandfather makes this movie and the scene in the vineyard during a frost warning is breathtaking.
  3. Ever After (1998) I am surprised I haven’t worn the finish off this DVD. I used to watch it every day or two many many years ago. Prince Henri is a charming rascal in desperate need of a love match to stop his father’s political matchmaking.
  4. Bridget Jones’s Diary (2001) Colin Firth as Marc Darcy. Clearly this is an awesome romance. Very strong language warning, but other than that it’s very delightful. If you haven’t seen it, you’re going to love the fight scene. Sigh!
  5. North and South (2004) Four hours is not nearly enough Mr. Thornton or Richard Armitage. I would like more please. Is there an unedited eight hour version hiding somewhere? No? Drat! I guess I will have to settle for one, “Look back at me!”
  6. Pride and Prejudice (2005) My favorite version of Jane Austen’s classic. I know I said Colin Firth and Marc Darcy and it’s true. Colin is great as Darcy, but this version with Keira and Matthew and Donald really yanks at my heart. The scenery is gorgeous too.
  7. Outsourced (2006) This movie is a call center and technical support romance between one yuppy American male and one spunky Indian female. Culture shock to say the very least and wickedly entertaining.
  8. Arranged (2007) One Orthodox Jewish girl and one Muslim girl are getting matched. They know each other from their teaching positions at the same school and as they go through the process of meeting men under watchful family eyes they become fast friends. Very satisfying ending!
  9. Enchanted (2007) I just love the songs in this film, especially “How does she know that you love her?” Patrick Dempsey is devilishly handsome and a treat to watch as he struggles against falling for a loopy girl who thinks she’s in love with a prince. Amy Adams is perfection.
  10. Lost in Austen (2008) Be honest, who hasn’t wanted Mr. Darcy to herself? One English miss from today’s world manages to get stuck in Jane Austen’s ‘fictional’ Georgian England at the start of the story and the rest as they say is history!

So there’s my list. What movies are on yours?

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23 thoughts on “My Top 10 Favorite Romance Movies”

  1. i am sad ot say I have only watch beauty and the Beast from yourl ist… Loved it as well, even the mini series was good for me..

    My two that I watch constantly are

    LAdyHawk &

    From Here To Eternity….

    and I am a big “Grease” fan….

    I will have to look into some your choice…


  2. I sense an Austen theme… I’ll add in my votes for Princess Bride and Lady Hawke.

    And onto Sleeping Beauty (the Disney version), P&P (the Coin Firth version tho I did enjoy the Garrison and Olivier version), An Affair to Remember (Grant and Kerr version), and Sharpe’s Enemy (makes me cry every time tho may not be considered a romatic movie that one is a great example of romance at its best).

    For you North & South and Patrick Swayze lovers:

    1. FYI – She’s referring to Elizabeth Gaskell’s “North and South”, not the miniseries about the U.S. Civil War. If you’ve never seen the “North and South” she’s talking about, it’s currently on Netflix.

  3. There is a slight Austen theme now that you mention it. Fairytale too.

    I love “Once upon a dream” from Sleeping Beauty but I can’t stand the 30 minutes taken up at the beginning of the film with the fairy spell weaving. Puts me to sleep!

    As for Princess Diaries – I like it, but I don’t LOVE it. Same for Lady Hawke I saw it twice and that’s more then enough for me.

    I’m going to have to rent from Here to Eternity as I’ve never seen it.

    Oh and Jane I have a friend that absolutely adores Last of the Mohicans and Karl Urban. You are the second person I know to state that movie as a top ten favorite. 😀

  4. “The Matchmaker” with Janeane Garofalo is my favorite rom-com. Bostonian campaign worker goes to Ireland to find her boss’s Irish roots. The scene where Marcy meets her hero is incredibly memorable, and Janeane Garofalo is such an anti-heroine.

    But my absolute favorite romantic movie is “Penelope” with Christina Ricci and James McAvoy. The whole movie is just perfect, in my opinion. A sweet love story, wonderful characters, and a fairy tale!

  5. I can’t believe no one mentioned my two favs, I’m absolutely crushed. Did no one enjoy my comfort movies “The Holiday” or “The Notebook.” I’ve seen both a gazillion times, they’re beautiful.

  6. Jude Law is one sexy man. But why Jack Black? He wasn’t over the top in this movie but I have a prejudice against him because of how weird his other parts are.

  7. His character was so cute in this movie though! I don’t like him in his other movies, but I think he was perfect for this role.

  8. Your movie list really helped me out. I just finished crying my eyes out over Lady Jane and Jane Erye. Except the latter for good reasons. I also fell in love with A Hazard of Hearts and Twelfth Night. Helen Boham Carter has been my dads fav since Fight club but the girl has been a legend from far before. Im 18 so Im just figuring this out 🙂

    1. i like almost all the movies you mentioned though i must add some that i truly adore like the notebook which is simply beautiful, also i recommend you watch firelight, if you liked N&S you’ll love it! also walk the line has a real life love story that i found amazing

  9. I have to say that the prince’s bride is my all tine favorite romance movie. I’ve seen it probably a hundred times and i used to be able to quote whole seenes!

  10. Just now ran across this list. I was disappointed not to see “Ghost” on your list. It’s sad but still one of my very favorite romantic movies. Who wouldn’t love to be loved by a man so devoted to his wife that he struggles even after death to protect her. Ahhhhhhh..Thump Thump.

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