New Moon Party Ideas: Themes, Invitations, Favors, Activities


The New Moon movie is right around the corner. Many places already have tickets for sale. Want to plan a party? Here are some ideas!

Theme Ideas:

  • Hot and Cold.
  • Fire and Ice.
  • Day and Night.
  • Forest and Rock.
  • Summer and Winter.
  • Bronze and Sparkle.
  • Sun and Moon.
  • Werewolves vs Vampires.
  • Paranormal Creatures vs Humans.

The Invite:

Need: Gluesticks, cardstock, fancy edged scissors, red and black construction paper

Font: Download Edward Font or Jacob Font for FREE.


  • Write up invitations on the computer using your choice of font.
    • The invite should be able to fit two to three times on one page.
  • Print on cardstock paper and cut apart.
  • Glue invite to black construction paper.
  • Cut strips of red with fancy scissors.
  • Design strips around invite and glue down.

Movie Treats:

  • All girls get a red and white ruffled parrot tulip, the kind that is found on the cover of New Moon, to carry into the theater.
    • Additionally they can be tagged with a number to ensure fair seating and nobody feels left out because others didn’t want to sit with them.
  • Hot buttered popcorn for Jacob fans and ice cold slushies for Edward fans.
    • If you alternate Team Edward/Jacob in seating arrangements it’s easy to share! Get two straws and a bunch of napkins.

Specialized Edward/Jacob themed goodie bags.

Try to do a survey or poll with the partygoers before starting on the bags. This way there aren’t any shortages or surpluses.

  • Edward Themed:

Need: vampire plushie, Hershey Kisses (for those yummy Edward kisses), a silver chain bracelet, plain black T-Shirt

  • Jacob Themed:

Need: wolf plushie, Hershey Hugs (for those big Jacob hugs), a silver chain bracelet, plain black T-Shirt

Party Projects:

Here are some quick ideas to provide fun and entertainment for the guests.

Create your own charm bracelet:

Needs: silver chain bracelet, sculptee clay in white, black, and red, pie plates, toothpicks


  • Each girl will make a heart and wolf charm using sculptee clay.
  • Drill a hole in both charms with the toothpick.
  • Put on pie plates and bake in oven based on packaging instructions.
  • When cool, attach to bracelets.

Creation ideas: Clay Wolf, Cullen Crest, Wired Heart

Buy a wolf charm:

Cheaper Wolf Charm:

Buy a crystal heart charm:

Fan T-Shirts:

Needs: black T-Shirt, red and white puff paint, cardboard


  • Put cardboard inside the shirt.
  • Design your own fan shirt in puff paint. Proclaim your Team, draw the Cullen Crest or a wolf, recreate the book cover, whatever it’s up to you.
  • Let dry and then wear to the movie/bed.


Have each invitee come to the party with a list of 10 New Moon questions, facts, and pieces of trivia. Collect them all and divide the party into two groups. Group which answers the most correct wins a New Moon themed prize. I suggest a quick trip to Walmart for a few items such as the Rosalie’s Necklace or Alice’s Choker Necklace.

Keep a score sheet during the movie for certain words or phrases that are said in the film or by the crowd. Person with the most tallies wins! Think of it like that road trip game where the passengers select a color and count to see which color appeared the most in the oncoming traffic over a period of five minutes.

Party Equipment:

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More New Moon Party ideas in part two. Have fun!

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  1. Can you tell me if there is an actual store to go and buy these things…my daughter’s party is tomorrow and there is NO time for shipping.

    1. I would try a big box store like Target, Walmart, etc. and look in the party isles or to go to a specialized party store which will be sure to carry some of the items you’re looking for.

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