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The second book in the Twilight saga is entitled New Moon and if the first book was about finding true love, then this book is about losing true love. I am not particularly fond of this book. It is because it contains so little Edward. We are introduced to the other paranormal group just up the road however. We meet those that live La Push Reservation, home to the Quileute Tribe. Some we’ve been introduced to before, like Jacob Black. Others are new.

If you couldn’t wait for the library to hand you this next book in the series, you read the beginning chapter that was at the end of Twilight. A teaser that leaves you wondering what happens to Bella when she cuts herself at the Cullens house. Her blood makes them thirsty, none more so than Jasper who has the least control. Edward gets Bella to safety but the damage is done.

The next few days he becomes more and more distant to Bella. She’s desperate to break through to Edward when suddenly he starts to talk to her again. Only she wished he wouldn’t. I wished he hadn’t too. He breaks it off with her at the edge of the forest. It is better than the sewers Angel dumped Buffy in, but I was heartbroken and Bella more so. Here it is, I thought, the end of a good story (but just you wait… keep reading).

So deep is her grief over losing Edward she loses herself and becomes a walking shell. It isn’t until half a year later that she can even stick her head above the water. She does it only because Charlie is running scared and pulling ultimatums about going to Florida to live with her mother. Bella can’t do that. Doing that means leaving the magic of Forks behind and relegating Edward to a memory and not a reality. So she asks a friend to the movies… anything without romance. She couldn’t handle that. It’s after the movies that the story gains interest again. She hears Edwards voice… in her head. His voice is a beautiful hallucination warning her of the danger ahead.

What follows next is a series of stupid reckless moves as Bella fights to hear his voice. She turns to Jacob Black to help her fix motorcycles, thinking the danger in riding them would provide her with Edward’s voice. She becomes Jacob’s friend, and over the hundreds of pages left he becomes the sun to warm the desolation of her life. I don’t like Jacob. He keeps pushing the friend boundary, so certain of Bella turning to him and forgetting about Edward despite her repeated warnings that she’ll never love anyone but Edward.

But then the story changes again and it’s like sweet music playing in your mind because you just know Edward’s coming back into the picture. And like Bella, you fear you are going to miss him, lose him again. The book ends on the sweetest note imaginable and you close this sad book feeling ridiculously happy. The ending is four and a half stars.

Rating: 3 Stars

9 thoughts on “Review: New Moon by Stephenie Meyer”

  1. So rumors of Jacob being the lovechild Remus and Sirius is out, eh? lol *kidding*

    Don’t like Jacob? Why? Because he’s not Edward, or because you don’t like him?

  2. He would be much hotter if he were.

    I don’t like Jacob because he pushes his luck. Bella says no, he says yes. He is immature and more than willing to do what it takes to get what he wants, even if it hurts Bella. He uses a lot of emotional blackmail.

    The best is when Bella breaks her hand on his jaw and Edward’s reaction to her injury.

  3. So he’s overtly masculine in comparision to Edward (from what you’re telling me) who is more emotionally-relatable.

    Jacob sounds kind of like a Draco-Snape-Ron to me…in terms of how they treat women. I mean from what you’re saying. Also, in terms of his ego. Very self-indulgent, no?

    Should I be as skeptical as I am about reading the books?

  4. No Edward is masculine, domineering, and threatening, but he listens to Bella. Jacob is more like Ron meets Dobby. Snobby with too much excitement.

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  6. This book was very difficult for me to read. You really feel it when Edward leaves Bella, and I was honestly pretty pissed at him for the majority of the book. But the ending makes it all worth it, imo.

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