On the Covers with Jason Vendryes (Romance Model)

Guest Blog by Sharon S.

We all just love our romance covers. Why? Smexy man taffy*, duh! There are some popular trends out there when it comes to what body part appears on a cover. You can have just a head shot, which isn’t one of my favorites because I am an OMGABS kind of girl. So, a cover with just a torso or the whole man are my favorite. Jacki Burton has a contemporary romance series called Play-by-Play. Each book is about a different kind of athlete. Her latest release is a hockey story called Taking a Shot. The model on the cover is Jason Vendryes.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him on my blog and he is one of the most charming and sweet personalities you will ever meet! This is what he says about himself:

I’m an American actor and model. I’ve appeared on shows like The Beautiful Life: TBL, Big Lake, Bravo’s Fashion Hunters, Dr. G Medical Examiner, Dog Bites Man, and Disney’s Ultimate 10 as well as a few films such as the recently released W.E. On the modeling side, I’ve been in multiple fitness magazines, walked runway for Nike and Adidas, and shot print work for several swimwear and underwear companies.

He can also be found on the cover of Prince of Wolves by Susan Krinard, once again showing off those fabulous abs. When he isn’t working, traveling or enjoying outdoor adventures he is involved with charity work. Some of his favorites are Give Kids the World, Dreamflight, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Yes, my friends he is the whole package! He even has a sense of humor. And I will give you a tip on how to get his attention…bring sour gummy worms.

So, when it comes to man part covers. What kind do you like to see?

Go here for the original interview: http://ismellsheep.blogspot.com/2012/04/sheep-interview-cover-model-jason.html

Jason Vendryes Website: http://www.jasonvendryes.com/

*Man taffy compares an alpha male to a piece of taffy. It can be hard, but once you warm it up, it becomes all soft and chewy.

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  1. I’m with Viki, ARMS!

    I prefer more of a silhouette of a man’s profile. Eyes are good too! I’m more conservative about body parts, but some of the covers I’ve seen you post on FB I definitely like. 😀

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