One of the Most Romantic Things a Guy Can Do. . .

by Tina Donahue, guest blogger and author of Deep Dark Delicious.

Ever wonder what draws you to a man or to a hero in a book? Is it the intensity with which he regards the heroine? His struggles to have her for his own? Heroic moments when he saves her life?

Well, yeah. But it’s also something much simpler.

I’ve often heard from friends and from what’s discussed on talk shows that women find it incredibly romantic when their spouse/life partner/boyfriend/whatever does the dishes, takes out the trash, gives them a moment to themselves by taking care of the children, or any of a myriad of seemingly unromantic things.

I’d like to take it one step further. Perhaps something we rarely think about, and that’s when a man teases a woman playfully and lovingly. We all know what that feels like. We may be miffed at first, but then we laugh. A glow spreads through our bodies because deep inside we know how special we are to that person. People joke around with folks they like, not ones they don’t.

To illustrate what I mean, there’s a scene in my newest book Deep, Dark, Delicious, where Eden and Rafe are in her bathroom tub – his cell phone has just rung, a call from his brother, which Eden tells him to take. Rafe doesn’t want to, he’s already falling for her. She’s afraid to reciprocate because of an emotional trauma in her past. Not wanting the storyline to be too somber, I decided to play with my characters a little here and to have Rafe play with her. Read on:

His cell phone rang again.

Rafe swore.

Knees pressed together, she pulled her feet to her cunt as if to keep the caller from seeing it. “If you get rid of whoever it is, we won’t be bothered again.”

If he tossed the phone in the toilet and flushed it away, they’d reach the same goal. Sighing, he reached over the lip of the tub for the damn thing and glanced at the number on the display. Victor’s.

Eden twisted her torso so she could look. “Who is it?”

“My brother. It’s probably not important.”

“He must think so if he keeps calling.”

Grumbling, Rafe answered the phone on the final ring before voice mail kicked in. “What is it? Why do you keep calling? Is there an emergency? If not, then why are you bothering me?”

“You’re in bed with the woman, no?” Victor asked in a serene voice. In the background Madrigal played, a bolero by the Cuban singer Beatriz Márquez. “Have you disappointed her already? Is that why you’re swearing?”

Rafe chuckled. “If you call again, I’ll fire you.”

“Mama would hire me right back and give me a much-deserved promotion and a raise.” He spoke quickly, interrupting Rafe, “And I haven’t phoned before now. Anna Marie has. Three times in fact. At least that’s what she claimed when she called me in tears because she couldn’t reach you.”

Rafe frowned. “Anna Marie’s the one who’s been calling?”

The name produced an instantaneous and unwanted response in Eden. Her body stiffened, shrinking from his. Rafe wound his free arm around her waist, just in case she intended to flee. Holding her as tightly as he dared, he interrupted Victor’s rant. “Quiet. I have another call. Could be it’s Anna Marie.” He put his brother on hold and pressed his cheek to Eden’s. “Remember when I told you I had a godchild, the youngest daughter of my aunt whose husband saved me from drowning?”

Although Eden’s breathing remained somewhat shallow, her body relaxed. She lowered her legs, no longer protecting her cunt. “Anna Marie’s your godchild?” She sounded embarrassed. Before he could answer, she added, “She’s okay, isn’t she?”

“At times, it’s hard to tell.” He pulled back his head. “She’s about to turn fifteen. Everything’s a tragedy.”

“Maybe you should call her, find out what’s wrong.”

“Perhaps when I’m through with you.” His hand slid from her waist to her belly and beyond…her inviting cleft.

Eden’s back arched at his fingers swirling over her swollen bud already primed for his touch. On a sigh, her body collapsed into his, her head against his shoulder. Gladdened, he took Victor off hold. “It wasn’t Anna Marie.” He stroked Eden’s clit expertly, thoroughly. Her legs jerked, splashing the tepid water. She shook her head as if to say no, he shouldn’t be doing this while talking to his brother. Smiling, he continued with both activities. “So why is she trying to reach me?” he asked Victor.

“She wants you to speak to her mother. Aunt Carmen hates the boy Anna Marie wants to invite to her quinceañera and insists one of the male cousins will escort her and pretend to be her date. Anna Marie’s locked herself in her bedroom. She refuses to eat. She’s threatening to run away. Call her before she drives her mother and me crazy. Tell her you agree with Aunt Carmen.”

“I’d rather have Anna Marie drive you insane.”

Victor made a disgusting sound and added what else Anna Marie planned to do if she didn’t get her way, then reminded Rafe of his duty as the girl’s godparent.

During the lecture, Rafe rubbed Eden’s nub, insistent on bringing her to a quick, unrestrained orgasm. Equally determined to fight him, she dug her nails into his thighs, nearly drawing blood. He gritted his teeth and continued. She tried to keep her strained mewl to the lowest level possible so Victor wouldn’t hear her or know what went on. Interrupting his brother, Rafe said, “Deal with this yourself. Don’t bother me again.”

Victor swore in Spanish. Eden’s ass scooted back, her body pressing into Rafe’s as she attempted to evade his fingers. They followed, hopelessly drawn to her sensitive nub. On his next stroke, her hips lifted. Faster than he would have guessed, she pushed away from him, her body shivering like a wet dog. The water splashed noisily with her efforts to turn so they’d be face to face. At last, she succeeded.

Victor continued to speak. Not about Anna Marie any longer, something to do with one of the restaurants.

“What?” Rafe asked his brother distractedly, while he cocked one brow at Eden. She wasn’t intimidated at his expression. Face pinched from her workout and near orgasm, shoulders bobbing with her heavy breaths, she leaned forward, her hands slipping beneath the water’s surface, her fingers wrapping around his balls and shaft.

Rafe’s toes lifted from the tub’s floor. They curled as she squeezed and pulled on his rod with more power and control than her cunt ever could.

“So that means the supplier can’t meet our deadline,” Victor explained. “My thinking is we should –”

“Wait!” Rafe growled at him and Eden.

She smiled wickedly, answering his request by fondling his balls. Spurts of warmth followed, dazing and overwhelming him. Rafe clenched his teeth. His chin lifted to the ceiling.

“What am I waiting for?” Victor asked.

Rafe choked out his words. “I have another call.” He put his brother back on hold and muttered to Eden, “I am really going to enjoy punishing you.”

“Promises, promises.”

A new growl, carnal in nature, cut off his next comment. She worked his cock and sac pitilessly. Payback for when he’d ignored her pleas to stop – her body couldn’t take any more stimulation.

His was no different. With a shudder and a shout he came, his fingers fisted so tightly around his cell phone he figured he’d break it.

Eden didn’t appear to care. Leaning forward, she licked his Adam’s apple. It bobbed convulsively with his hard swallows. Undoubtedly pleased with herself, she put her mouth to his ear and whispered, “Shouldn’t you take Victor off hold? The poor man might be wondering what happened to you.”

If Rafe tried to speak in his current state, his heaving breaths would tell poor Victor all he wanted to know. His head fell forward. He conceded. “I need a minute…please.”

Eden stopped squeezing his pecs. Genuine worry shaded her voice. “You okay?”

What man wouldn’t be after experiencing three orgasms in so short a period with a woman he genuinely liked, one who might possibly be leading him to love? “Just a little winded.”

She slipped her fingers beneath his chin and lifted it. Even with her help, his head was still too heavy to keep up. He allowed it to fall to the tub’s tall back.

The crack of his skull hitting porcelain pulled a gasp from her. “Oh my god. Are you all right?” He didn’t respond. She shook his shoulder. “Rafe, answer me. Can you open your eyes?”

Her unnecessary worry touched him so deeply tears threatened. Something he’d rarely experienced with anyone outside his family. His mouth, however, turned up in a sleepy smile. “Relax. I didn’t knock myself unconscious.”

She countered. “Your eyes are still closed. You’re about to fall asleep. You could drown.”

“Not if you drain the tub first.”

She swore beneath her breath. “Come on, finish your call with Victor, make a quick one to Anna Marie, then go to bed and take a nap.”

He finished his loud yawn. “No. I’m –” His words stopped. His arms stalled in mid-stretch. Bringing them down, he frowned.

Eden placed her hand on his chest directly over his heart. “What’s wrong?”

“You said I should finish my call with Victor and make one to Anna Marie. Who are they?”


Rafe pried his lids open and stared at her. His voice shook with his frightened whisper. “Who are you?”

Her eyes rounded.

He laughed as hard as his weariness allowed. “You are so easy to fool. Hey!”

She slapped the water a second time, sending a new wave into his face. “You’re a prick, Rafael Zayas.”

He blinked water from his eyes. “I do my best. And you know you love it when I tease you.” Not about to wait for her retort, he took Victor off hold.

In that scene, Rafe’s playfulness endeared me to him even more. I found it to be very romantic without even trying. It’s what I want from my guy.  🙂

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