Poll: How Often Do You Read Book Reviews?

A lot of work goes into writing book reviews and I’m curious to know how often you read them. There’s a poll below to see where everybody falls.

How often do you read book reviews?

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If you read lots of book reviews:

  • What do you like best about them?
  • Do you look for anything in particular in book reviews?
  • What would help you in a purchasing decision?

If you read few book reviews:

  • What makes you decide to read a particular book review?
  • Do you only read reviews in the genre/subgenre you read the most? Or only when you’re on the fence about a book?
  • What would make you read more reviews?

If you rarely or never read book reviews:

  • Why do you avoid them? Is it because you’re afraid of spoilers, don’t trust the reviewer’s judgement, too many reviews on ebooks/print books and you only read the other format, too long/short, or something else?
  • What would make you change your mind on reviews?


7 thoughts on “Poll: How Often Do You Read Book Reviews?”

  1. If I’m already interested in a book; I’ll read reviews re: the novel, e.g., I was curious about Lord of the Vampires-so I read the review. Now I know to buy it at Walmart, next time I go. I also read what other reviewers are saying about books I wouldn’t otherwise pick up because what they say sometimes influences whether I’ll purchase a novel outside my comfort zone.

    And then, there are times when regardless of what others say…I’ll still purchase the novel because even if the review is unflattering…I still love said author and want his/her book.
    I especially pay attn to what LRP reviewers say. Amazon reviewers? Sometimes. Not always.

  2. Before blogging I would just read the back blurb and go by the cover, but now I never make a purchase without reading at least 2 reviews – one positive and one negative and compare. Do the pluses outweigh the minuses? Yes? Buy! No? Quibble some more by reading other reviews or moving onto the next book I am interested in trying.

    I love LRP reviewers too (of course I should, right? lol) because you’re all my friends and I trust you guys to lead me straight. I like humor in book reviews, I like them broken up into segments, I like spoiler warnings for FYI purposes, and I like ratings. I’m bugged when a reviewer 1) can’t decide how they feel 2) leave it blank to save feelings (uncomfortableness on their part/author’s feelings)

  3. Before I began reading so many books for review, I used to read book reviews quite regularly. I used to look for books that had interesting titles and well-written reviews. I wanted a brief summary with no spoilers. And I wanted to know what the genre was. If it was paranormal or some other genre I did not like, I certainly would not want to bother with the review.

    Since agreeing to review so many books, I have a back log of reviews to read. I save them in a folder, and I might get to them some time. I don’t look for the newest books. i actually prefer to read reviews about little known gems that have been out for a while.

  4. I usually read the first paragraph of the ones here until I can tell if it is a genre I like or not. When I am looking at Amazon, I mostly rely on the star rating and might read part of the first 1 or 2 reviews on the page.

  5. I have about 7 book review sites I look at every day! I do do auto buys on my favs though. I have a kindle and I buy books. I need a girlfriend to come and get my to-be-read pile and Kindle if any thing happens to me!!!! My family would freak at my collection!

  6. For books that I’m really interested in, I tend to just read the rating part to get a sense of what the reviewers think. I want to avoid spoilers and I don’t want to be influenced so I don’t read the review in detail.

    For books I’ve never heard of, I will more often read the review in detail to get a sense for the plot. I’m kind of picky on plots and characters so if I see something in the review that I really like, I’ll then do more research, whereas if I see something I don’t like, that confirms that I’m not interested in that book.

  7. I read a few everyday. Like some people read the obits or check the weather. I suppose it’s more habit than anything. However, I never buy a book without reading a couple of reviews. Your work is important.

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