Pride and Prejudice: The Wild and Wanton Edition by Michelle M. Pillow

Genre: Classic retelling, erotica romance.

Ahead there be Spoilers…

Summary: The sexual tension in the original P&P has readers begging for Darcy to pull Lizzy into his embrace and ravish her senses with his kiss to *rip her bodice* and that’s what this book promises to deliver. P&P all sexed up and ready to be consumed. It’s actually pretty tame though considering the wildness and wantonness I was expecting from other reviewers.

Review: The style really reminded me of what I heard about P&P&Z and other classic retellings where the second author really just tacked a paragraph here and there into the original plot. I haven’t read those retellings so I can’t compare the truth of those perceptions. While reading P&P Wild and Wanton I enjoyed myself quite a bit, because I was reading it at a time when the story and idea really appealed, but overall the impression was that the new stuff was very minimal (and clearly delineated in the Kindle version I read which bolded or italicized new passages) and didn’t really involve Darcy/Lizzy or Charles/Jane until the very end. It was more focused on Lydia being a slut with the officers (married or not) and Collins getting hand jobs by Charlotte (shudder!)


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