Quoted on the Front of Seduced by the Wolf

Yesterday’s quote from Legend of the White Wolf is found on the front of Seduced by the Wolf! How neat is that? I think it’s pretty sweet myself, but then it’s my quote. lol 😀 This is what it says on the cover:

“Paranormal suspense and romance together in one non-stop rollercoaster of passion and adventure.” – Love Romance Passion

The quote came from my post: Review: Destiny of the Wolf by Terry Spear

You can read what Susan had to say about book itself here: Review: Seduced by the Wolf by Terry Spear.

Buy: Seduced by the Wolf

Thanks to all the hard work of everybody at Sourcebooks and of course to Ms. Spear for writing her awesome books!

2 thoughts on “Quoted on the Front of Seduced by the Wolf”

  1. I did like that quote, very much! Congrats. Terry writes such great novels. And Sourcebooks cranks out the …BEST…books. They’re like Pringles, can’t stop at one! After I finish one, I’m searching for another.

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