Reader Highlight: Dhympna

How long have you been reading romance novels? What got you started?

I have been reading romance since I can remember. I remember sneaking off with my mum’s copy of Johanna Lindsey’s Silver Angel and any other historical I could get my hands on. I had always been a voracious reader so it is difficult to pin point what got me started. I know my first adult fiction was probably Ray Bradbury. I have been reading an odd mix of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and mystery books since I was about ten years old.

What are your favorite romance subgenres?

I will read any type of romance, but my preference would probably be historical romance. That being said, I am also the toughest on historical romance because I am a historian. I believe that what firmly differentiates a well written historical book from fantasy is research and a sensitivity to historical accuracy. I am not saying that a writer cannot play with the facts–what I mean is that using colloquial phrases or having a character eating corn in medieval England will probably irritate me to no end.  If a writer does not hold true to the period that she has has set her book in, then I will be tough on the book.

What author do you have the most books written by?
Oh jeez. I admit that I have oodles of books. Sharon Shinn, Tanya Huff, Sara Douglass, and Tanya Huff have their own bookcase for the most part. I never really had to buy many romance novels because our library was always well stocked or I would snag whatever my mum had. But if I had to count them at the moment I would have to say Sherrilyn Kenyon. But those books are on three different shelves (lack of organization on my part) Jim Butcher would probably be close tie in terms of number.

I tend to sample various authors for romance. I also tend to prefer “vintage” Harlequins. My grandmother used to buy me sacks full of early Harlequins.

Which do you like more: finishing a book or starting a new one?

Hmm I do not particularly prefer either. I like being absorbed in a book. A good book leaves you wanting more and there is a palpable sense of loss when you finish a really good book. When you start a book there is the excitement of entering into the unknown.

What do you look for in a heroine?
It is easier for me to say what I don’t like. I cannot stand whiny heroines. If a heroine grows up through the book, then that is fine. But if she is whiny and bratty–yuck. In series, I hate it when heroines are constantly being referred to as tiny and doll-like. This usually causes me to snort with derision.

What makes up your idea of the perfect hero?
I don’t really have a perfect hero. I like them to run the gamut. Wait. I may like the bad boys. Hmm maybe bad boys and warrior types. I have been on a Viking kick lately. I have been getting tired of the Regency and other early modern Historical Romances. I have not yet found a really kick ass Viking tale. Admittedly, I have not been looking that hard.

What is your favorite part of a romance novel?

I like the discovery bits. When the hero and heroine are learning about each other. The first awkward steps towards true wuv. 🙂

What is your secret guilty plot or character type that you love beyond reason?

Sigh. I admit that I like the poor heroine to be kidnapped, stolen, sold off. I think my mum had too many books by Deveraux and Rosemary Rogers with plots like that. Ooo harems and concubines. Hmm Viking tale with stolen female plunder? heh. I grew up with a taste for forced seduction and still like it.

For fun share two truths and one false fact about yourself.

  • I am planning the greatest shapeshifter beaver romance that will ever be written.
  • I am easily bribed with cheese and wine.
  • I run a Twilight fan club.

Whew! Normally I pose the hard questions. I try to post an interview with an author or artist every weekend.

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  1. I talked to you on Twitter as I set this post up so you know most of this already but for prosperity’s sake here it is again:

    I have a ton of vintage Harlequins on my bookshelves. Some of my all time favorite books are vintage Harlequins.

    They include: Lion of Darkness, Silence Speaks for Love (I should review this), Lover’s Touch (this one too), Petals Drifting, Boss Man from Ogallala, Cindy, Tread Lightly, and Chase a Green Shadow.

    Don’t they have fun titles? So how about you? What are yours?

  2. I’m with you when it comes to Sherrilyn Kenyon, love her! Did you ever read Acheron? Took me a week! Thanks for sharing, Dhympna. 🙂

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