Reader Highlight with Mailani

Keira: What are your top 5 favorite romance books and what would you name them if you could retitle them?


a) The Wedding by Julie Garwood… aka Peaking up Kilts
b) Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie… aka Stuck Between a Man and Open Toed
Butterfly Heels
c) Rebel by Heather Graham… aka Swamp Thingy’s Bride
d) What She Wants by Lynsay Sands… aka Please Cover your Crotch Before She…
e) Short Straw Bride by Dallas Schulze… aka Small Woman, Big Hoes

Keira: You’re ship is sinking and you’re only chance for survival is to reach an iceberg in the middle of the Arctic Ocean. Which romantic hero would you pick to help you get there?

Mailani: Uncus from The Last of the Mohicans! His hotness will heat the water alone.

Keira: If you’re stuck on that iceberg for a year and could only read one type of romance which subgenre would you pick and why? Your choices are: civil war romance, regency romance, or romantic suspense.

Mailani: Romantic Suspense. Who doesn’t want to slide on ice beatboxing Mario’s Castle music while role-playing your current romantic suspense novel?

Keira: Who are your top 3 favorite romance heroes and why do you love them?

Mailani: I’m a side character lover, there is something about the mystery of the untold characters that just enlighten my imagination. Antonio from The Scarletti Curse by Christine Feehan. Tall, dark, handsome… what else can I say? lol He’s charming, dark and his political affiliations make him powerful, yet he’s gentle and in touch with nature. He’s the epitome of perfect. Uncus from The Last of the Mohicans: charming, sweet-tempered, one with nature, cultural, practices a great deal of control/patients, and a hot bod! Simon Stein from In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. Simon isn’t defined physically as a hunk, but his demeanor, funny quirks, nerdisms, and his strong, take charge nature turn him into a very romantic hero, whom breaks the mold.

Keira: What do you look for in a heroine? Do you like her to be similar to you, or do you want someone completely different?

Mailani: Yes, I do like heroines to be similar to me, maybe not physically but personality-wise, yes. It makes it easier for me to lose myself in the story and float out their in la-la land.

Keira Looking at your bookcases – what author dominates the shelves? Would you say this author is your favorite and why?

Mailani: Julie Garwood seems to grow on my shelf. I don’t know if her editor has stayed the same over the years, or if she’s just spanks the dictionary on a regular basis, but her quality of writing soothes the grammar hound in me. Her characters are well-rounded and her plots are simple. Which makes a great trap for my wandering mind, allowing me to alter the circumstances in my head and paint my own stories about the characters on a regular basis.

Keira: What/Who is your go to for a solid comfort read?

Mailani: Julie Garwood. Need I say more?

Keira: How do you define love?

Mailani: I’ve always thought as love as a simple thing. Why makes something more complicated than necessary. Love is commitment, passion and honesty. Though the word passion evokes the erotic feel of red velvet and black silk. Passion can be complex emotion. Passion for a craft or person can be wholesome and sweet, just as easily as it can turn to the wicked.

Keira: Is there anything else you’d like to share or discuss?

Mailani: Yes, I’d like to talk about graphic novels, and no it’s not one of those things you pick up in a black sleeve at 7-11! I’m talking about manga or comics. I recently started reading Naruto, and it’s changed my perception of the craft completely. I originally believed manga to be a quick story fix, with a two-bit plot. Boy was I wrong. This story actually has an intricate plot, strong developed characters, romance, action, sorrow, and all those other complex emotions that cultivate from social interactions. Let’s face it, isn’t that why we read our romance novels: to absorb those social realisms, that allow us to feel happy, healthy and human.

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  1. Hey Mailani,

    A kindred spirit, I’d also choose romantic suspense! Course’ erotica wouldn’t be a bad choice either, might make the iceberg less bitingly cold.

  2. The question then is how much erotica does it take to melt 1 cubic foot of ice and then to boil 1 cubic foot of water? Once we knew that we could calculate how long it would be before the iceberg melted and how much longer afterward before the water got uncomfortably hot. lol 😀

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