Reader Highlight with Mandi of SmexyBooks

Keira: You’re stuck in outer space on the space station with a very fickle mail system (because really how often do FedEx shuttles drop by). They will only bring you one subgenre of romance books. What subgenre do you pick and why: paranormal, historical, urban fantasy, m/m?

Mandi: Although this is a hard choice, I would pick urban fantasy. Those books, when written well, can have such dark gritty worlds, with kick-butt heroines and awesome romantic tension. I love it.

Keira: I really like your post Smexy’s Ten Favorite Sex Scenes of 2009. Have you come across any yummy ones in 2010 releases yet?

Mandi: Oh yes – a few have got my heart beating a bit faster already. Garreth in Pleasure of a Dark Prince by Kresley Cole has some great, hot scenes. Dare to Surrender by Lili Feisty has a scene in a photography dark room that will definitely be on my list. And I loved a few scenes in L.B Gregg’s Catch Me If You Can – hot smex in a closet….oh yes.

Keira: Speaking of favorite blog posts, what are some of yours that you’ve written and why do you like them?

Mandi: Ack..I don’t know. I have fun writing hairy chest posts, and pimping out new books. I recently wrote about why fantasy is important to me when I read. My favorite part is reading all the insightful and funny comments people leave behind 🙂

Keira: For smutty sexy (smexy) goodness you’d recommend which authors and stories?


Keira: When it comes to erotic romance what do you find most sexy? Does this change if the sex is straight or gay?

Mandi: The most sexy thing in an erotic romance is a good story! LOL. If I can’t connect to the characters, then I couldn’t give a damn whether they have hot sex or not. Give me an emotional pull, and then steam up the pages – and whoa baby! To me, it doesn’t matter if the sex is M/F or M/M – but I will admit – I have soft spot (or should I say hard spot) for M/M. SEXY!

Keira: When it comes to romance, what is your favorite and/or least favorite plot, character type, or literary device?

Mandi: I really don’t know if I have something specific that bothers me in general. I get tired of virgin heroines sometimes, and I have a hard time with characters being introduced to a paranormal power, when they have grown up their entire life not realizing anything supernatural exists. I have a hard time believing their reactions.

Keira: Looking at your bookshelf what color do you see the most of? Why did you buy those books? Are there any other book cover factors that play into your buying habits?

Mandi: I see a lot of black. I tend to buy books based more on recommendations, then the cover. I DO think covers are very important, and if I had never discovered this blog world, I probably would base a lot on the cover. I adore Nalini Singh’s Psy books, but I think the covers prevent people who have never heard of her from buying them. That is just my opinion, but if you wander into a bookstore having no idea what you are going to buy, covers are what you look at first.

Keira: What tips would you give to readers who want to read more books?

Mandi: As in, you want more time to read? Stay off Twitter – LOL! I have to force myself in the evening to get off the computer period! I can’t even have it open so I hear my email or twitter alert go off. I also think it is important to change it up! If all you read is paranormal romance, eventually you will get sick of it. Throw in a contemp, or historical or, gasp! A M/M! 🙂

Keira: You can’t go before talking about your Smexy Boyfriends! The FedEx shuttle agrees to bring you three (and only three if any sneak aboard the whole mission is called off) up to the space station – who do you pick?

Mandi: You are evil!! No – I have them listed in order of importance to me..LOL. So my top three are John Matthew (JR Ward), Barrons (Karen Marie Moning) and Adam (Patricia Briggs). And to be stuck in a space station with the three of them. HOT DAMN!

Keira: Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Mandi: Thank you so much for having me!!

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  1. Good Morning Keira & Mandi:

    Wonderful interview. Love the pics of the TBR pile. I agree wholeheartedly regarding the necessity of a good story in erotic romance. If you don’t have that, you have boring….

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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