Reader Highlight with Scarlett Moore

Keira: Let’s take a look at your bookshelf (nightstand, floor, wherever lol). What color covers do you have the most of and are they by a bunch of different authors or by one author? Why do you think you bought those books?

Scarlett: The predominant book cover colors are red (Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare, Something About You by Julie James) and turquoise (The Ideal Wife by Mary Balogh, Strange Bedpersons by Jennifer Crusie).

Actually, these books are all IN BED with me right now.  They’re all by different authors – I guess you could say that I sleep around.

I typically choose books first based on the cover and then based on the jacket description.  Of course, there are some authors like Mary Balogh and Lisa Kleypas whose books I’ll purchase regardless of the cover.

Keira: You write and run Best Romance Stories. Why did you start it and what is your favorite part about blogging? Share some of your favorite posts that you’ve written!

Scarlett: I started the site because I love connecting with other like-minded readers.  There’s something special about reading an email from someone who read (and loved) a book based on my recommendation!

My favorite post thus far is my review of Getting Lucky by Carolyn Brown.  Why?  Because the author herself found the review and thanked me for it!

Keira: You read a lot of romance. What tips would you give to readers who want to read more books?

Scarlett: There’s never enough time is there?  First off, if you’re looking to read more books you have to stop forcing yourself to read bad books.  In other words, if you’re reading for pleasure and you start a book that’s just horrible, STOP READING THAT BOOK!  I used to feel obligated to finish a bad book, in part because I purchased it, but now I don’t think twice about putting a book aside and moving on to the next one.  I just donate the not-so-great book to the library or a book swap.

Keira: If you could only read one of these genres for the rest of your reading career (crossovers aren’t allowed) which would you choose to read: Paranormal Romance or Erotic Romance?

Scarlett: Oh drat, no historical romance?  Oh well, then I’ll choose paranormal romance.  To be honest I’m a big vampire groupie and there’s some great paranormal romance out there.  Also, there’s lots of paranormal romance on the shelves that have erotic elements (check out the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward or the Anita Blake and Meredith Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton).

Keira: What are some of your favorite books in that genre that you think readers shouldn’t miss out on?


Great paranormal romance books:

Keira: What is your favorite and/or least favorite plot, character type, or literary device?



  • Books with strong, independent female characters that can solve their own problems.
  • Books that include a bit of mystery or suspense in the storyline.

Least Favorite

  • Although I like historical romance I can’t stand reading about weak women who are prone to getting “the vapors”.  I mean, what the heck is that anyway?
  • Books where the male and female characters’ love/hate relationship is annoyingly repetitive.  Or a “love triangle” plot that never gets resolved – especially if it continues throughout a series.

Keira: How do you define love?


Love: Ben & Jerry’s Cinnamon Buns ice cream
True Love: Haagan-Dazs Rum Raisin ice cream with whipped cream

Keira: When it comes to erotic romance what do you find most sexy?

Scarlett: I like books with male leads that aren’t particularly drop dead gorgeous.  And if the guy tends to be a bit socially inept when it comes to women (but turns out to be a hottie in bed), that’s even better!

Keira: Tell me: what’s the romance novel are you waiting to see get written? (You can go crazy like the Twilight Saga in Space or whatever *grin*)

Scarlett: Well, since I’m a big historical romance fan and I also love paranormal romance, how about “Sookie Stackhouse: A Compromised Lady” or “The Truth About Lord Edward Cullen”.

I’d also LOVE to read a modern day Dr. Zhivago-type book.

Keira: Is there anything else you’d like to share and discuss?

Scarlett: Although purists would pooh-pooh this, I actually like some of the Jane Austen romance mashups that are on the shelves now.  I read Jane Bites Back by Michael Thomas Ford and Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict by Laurie Viera Rigler and thoroughly enjoyed them both.  And I just purchased Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith, the book that started this craze.

I think that’s it for now.  Thanks so much for spotlighting me and my new site!

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  1. Hi Scarlett,
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I loved this post! Giggles regarding your sleeping around comment, I like to think I’m more committed. There’s three authors, that I’m making it my life’s mission to have all of their novels on my bookshelf. Considering one of the ladies has written 209 books thus far, I say I might need a few more bookshelves. I’m looking forward to Little Vampire Women, I’ve never read a mashup, but I think that one’s definitely for me. Dashing off to visit Best Romance Stories.

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