Researching the Sheikh – Your Help Wanted!

by Cathy Jean  and Trysh Travis, guest bloggers and romance researchers

Greetings, romance readers! We are two researchers at the University of Florida and we want to get your opinions about the romances you read—especially if you love sheikh novels.

Our research suggests that there are a lot of misconceptions out there about these books and the people who read them, so we want to gather information and set the record straight.

The top stereotypes we’ve encountered:

  1. People assuming that sheikh romances show Arab culture as “primitive” society.
  2. People assuming that the male characters in these books are unusually cruel and/or kinky, with the suggestion (sometimes just hinted at) that this is due to the “primitive” society they come from and their fascination with and/or hatred for “civilized” or Western society.
  3. People assuming that the women who read sheikh romances don’t know anything about the “real” Middle East.

It really is pretty amazing the attitudes people have and we could really use your help!

If you read this blog, you are an expert on the romance genre, so please share your wisdom with us by completing a quick (about five minutes) survey here:

Cathy and Trysh need you’re help so don’t wait! Take the survey! I did it and it doesn’t take very long at all to complete. Really just five minutes. 😀

*You can ask for your personal information to be held private if that’s a concern.

2 thoughts on “Researching the Sheikh – Your Help Wanted!”

  1. I don’t read sheikh romances but if the researchers are checking up on this post, I just wanted to mention that Amy Burge from the University of York (UK) in the Centre for Women’s Studies has done some work in this area too, if the contact might be helpful. She just gave a paper at Leeds on “Negotiating Female Agency of Text and Reader in the Use of the Medieval in Contemporary Sheikh Mills & Boon Romance.” Good luck with your work!

  2. Thanks Kate! I will check up on what she has written. There have been other people studying sheikh romances, but none of them get input from actual readers! We wanted to allow readers to talk about their likes/dislikes and general opinions. Can’t wait to hear from some of you!

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