Review: A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear

Reviewed by Susan S.

This novel will burn you with sexual fire then douse you with its humor. It’s funny, yet sexy, and everything you’d hope for in a paranormal romance. With a little something extra!

Summary: Werewolf Series, Book 9

Note: To learn more about the heroine and her brother you can read To Tempt the Wolf. This novel stands on its own, but thought I’d mention it in case you wanted more.

Meara Greymere’s alpha brother is away and she’s what’s the word? Relieved. Liberated from being under his toe pads. Meara has only two weeks to find a mate without her obstinate brother (Hunter) running off would-be possible mates. It seems that no one’s ever good enough for his sister. And if we’re talking about Hunter’s very single, ex-Navy SEAL brothers, then the answer is an even more emphatic, “No-way-in-hell!”

Finn Emerson (hero) knows the ground rules: His best friend’s sister is off-limits. And even though some lines shouldn’t be crossed, Finn has no choice! He’s the only one qualified to keep Meara safe. There’s an assassin or two or three that’s after the SEAL team, and it won’t be long before their loved ones are targeted. Since Hunter’s gone for an entire two weeks, anything can happen (can’t tell you where Hunter, is that’s a first-class spoiler if you haven’t read book three).

Can Finn protect a sexy alpha she-wolf from the bad guys? Of. Course! He’s an alpha and an ex-Navy SEAL. But can he protect her while abiding by the do-not-touch-my-sister rule Hunter’s enforcing? Most importantly, can Emerson deny Meara’s screaming/pleading pheromones? Umm…that’s going to be ALOT harder than fighting off assassins.

Review: This novel was suspenseful, yes. Hot? Oh-I’ll get to that! But it was also funny. Clearly, no one’s ever told Meara that one capful of bubble bath solution is “enough” to create bubbles. The notes regarding possible mates in her notebook made me laugh. It comes off like a lady’s version of a man’s black book. And then there’s the heroine falling asleep while reading. What was she reading? Heart of the Highland Wolf. Gee, wonder who wrote that? Too cute.

Now, let’s talk heat level. It’s over-the-limit! In case you’re wondering, that’s a good thing. There’s the scene where Finn’s checking the clothes on Meara’s body for electronic bugs. Loved that part! The S’mores kisses are yummy, too. And then comes one of many pant worthy scenes. This one contains (I believe the technical term is) frottage, but I like to refer to it as…dry humping.

There’s only one thing I was expecting which didn’t occur. When Hunter finds out that Finn’s putting the moves on his sister, I thought punches would fly, bones would break, and there’d be an explosion of expletives. Actually, Hunter’s reaction was completely unexpected. Maybe those dark paranormals are making me blood-thirsty; I wanted a fight! Lol.

Recommendations: If you enjoy the forbidden love tropes, then I highly recommend this novel. Now, if you’re a reader who can’t get enough of virile alphas-you’ll love Finn. His snout is “always” in the gutter! Also for paranormal romance and romantic suspense lovers.

Favorite Character: Finn He’s my #2 on my favorite alphas list in Terry’s Werewolf Series. I was going to leave it at that, but I know how curious minds work. So I’ll tell you where to find my #1, he’s inside book five.

Others in the Series:

Disclaimer: I received this novel free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Review-O-Meter [Rating:5]

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6 thoughts on “Review: A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing by Terry Spear”

  1. Hey, Susan,

    Okay, let’s see, hero/heroine with badge, wearing leather off-duty, paranormal…wonder if I could come up with a wolf story like that??? 🙂 Or jaguar shifter….

    Thanks so much for the fun review! I loved it! You blood thirsty wench! I love hearing which characters readers love the best! Off to post it and I’m thrilled you loved Meara and Finn’s story!!! Back to Cearnach’s Highland story…no leather or badges…but…hmmm… 🙂

    1. Hi Terry,

      Yes-yes. I’m definitely up for a jaguar who can rock leather pants while he’s off duty. 🙂

      Re: Cearnach’s Highland story
      That’s o.k. Badge, no-badge, kilt, or no-all your heroes are stuff of dreams.

  2. Susan, This was a fun delightful review. I’ve read this whole series so far. And From your take of this one. I’m getting ready to absolutely love this GUY. So you say he’s # 2 on your favorite character list. So are you telling me that the sexy god like red wolf Leidolf is your #1? LOL I’m hooked on the Silver Bros. from books 2 and 8. I’m still nudging Terry to write a book about that crazy Zooman Thompson. Maybe he can wear a badge, and leather off-duty. And I’m blood thirsty too, when i think of him. LOL. So This has been a really fun interview very educational. I never heard the word Frottage. And like Finn I have trouble keeping my snout out of the gutter too. Thanks for the laugh. You write a good interview. And Terry writes great books that I give high-fives too always.

    1. Hi Donna,

      See…and “that’s” why I love like-minded readers. Yes!!! Leidolf is my #1. I would definitely be part of his pack. He’s hot! He’s a red! And…he’s got some great cars. 🙂 Awww…thank you so much for your kind words. I always love reading your funny comments on Terry’s blog. Thanks for dropping by LRP’s site.

  3. Your review is awesome! Which makes me wanna read the book now. But you mentioned that there are other books relating to this one. I really want to read this book but do I need to read the other books in order for me to understand this book or can I just read it?

    1. Hi Jaspreet,

      Re: My review . Why thank you!
      Answer to your question: When I spot a cameo, characters from other books in the series, I like to mention that in the review. So when you fall in love with them, you’ll know where else to find them within the series. I would venture to say that A SEAL in Wolf’s Clothing is the most independent from the bunch. Translation: Totally…a stand alone. It’s simple to follow.

      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

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