Review: A Twist in Time by Susan Squires

Warning: This post contains gushing… and a lot of it. 🙂

Susan Squires has written without a single doubt a masterpiece of romantic fiction in A Twist in Time. It far outstrips the time travel romances—I’ve so far had the pleasure to read—that the story is in a class of its own. Or should I say time?

A Twist in Time is exceptionally researched and rich with details that just blew me away! It is well thought out and deals with issues such as language barriers and cultural differences. (e.g. Evil men sticking needles into his body and covering his face with something that emitted noxious gas or How can she be so much like a wealthy woman in manner, coloring, and softness and yet wear clothes of a prostitute? or the very basic question of What the heck do I do with a Viking?) I very much enjoyed the old English, Danish and Latin that was sprinkled throughout the dialogue as Lucy and Galen tried to communicate with varying degrees of success.

Galen Valgarssen is a truly remarkable hero and has earned a place amongst my top ten favorite romance heroes. He’s a advisor to his king. He’s proud, honorable, steadfast, valiant, and bold. As a half Dane and half Saxon he’s used to being of two worlds and not exactly a part of either. This background will serve him well as he fights to overcome obstacles that keep him from understanding the new time.

Did I mention that Galen is one of my favorite names for a man? And in case you forgot he’s a hunky Viking warrior – who will trade, plunder, and pillage… (looks around for the sign-up sheet ;))

Lucy Rossano is a woman still dealing with the loss of her father. Magic seems to have gone out of her life and she wants it back. An extremely precious and old book written by Leonardo da Vinci holds the key. It leads her to reveal its existence to her friend Brad who excitedly informs her that the machine diagrammed in its pages is real and he’s working on it!

A disastrous trip into the pass brings Galen (seriously wounded) into her life, but it also puts them in great danger as the machine did not quite do what it was supposed to do. It’s a good thing he followed her or he’d be dead on the battle field instead of recuperating with the aid of modern help. How does one hide a Viking in present-day San Francisco while on the run from both friend and foe?

If you’re looking for a unique experience and a book to devour I highly suggest you try for yourself A Twist in Time.


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  1. Yes – usually 20-21 century heroines wind up in the past, but this had our Dark Ages Viking jump forward. It was lovely and very scrumptious. 🙂

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