Review: A Wedding in Springtime (Marriage Mart, Book 1) by Amanda Forester

A WEDDING IN SPRINGTIMEHeroine: Miss Eugenia Talbot needs to make a match and the first step to that is getting approval from the Queen. During the presentation though, a haughty nobleman does something unexpected and Genie nearly laughs. Unfortunately for her, as she tried to gain her composure, she glanced at that hideous rogue Mr. William Grant and he winked at her. Her unschooled laughter drew the scorn of the Queen and now she’s a social pariah. How can she make a match now? With the help of a matchmaker of course!

Hero: Mr. William Grant knew it was wrong, but how could he keep a straight face after that? It’s too bad that that fresh faced debutante laughed, but it really wasn’t his fault. After all he wasn’t the one to pass gas!

Review: Eugenia is girl I could be friends with because she’s genuine and kindhearted. She’s also up for a bit of mischief, although you wouldn’t know it by her placid agreement to marry anyone who would have her after her fall from grace (in order to protect her aunt’s reputation mind you). Grant is a bit of a rogue (aren’t they all?) and he enjoys flirting with Eugenia. He’s a bit shallow at first, in terms of the depth of his character, but Eugenia is the heroine of his heart and brings out the best in him. The story is filled with twists and turns that will keep you on your toes.

Fav Quote:

Genie: So one must only kiss if one’s intentions are honorable?

Will: In present company, it is a must I fear.

Genie: Then I should give you this. [She kisses him.] My intentions are honorable.

See? Super sweet! This is a lighthearted and sweet romance you’ll want to return to again and again. Definitely a keeper!


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