Review: Along Came Trouble (Camelot, Book 2) by Ruthie Knox

Along Came TroubleReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Ellen Callahan is having problems with photographers. Not surprising when you have a famous, or infamous, family member. Caleb Clark has come to help Ellen. But you will find that she is a very strong-willed woman. Ruthie shows the reader that it doesn’t matter where you live, the paparazzi will follow a story – they only see the dollar signs. It takes a certain type of person that can protect people from the vultures that carry a camera. But they are also human and still have feelings and we see how important family is to Caleb.

Ruthie goes on to show how vulnerable a single mother can be – especially when the woman is trying to kick start a love life. She also shows that just because a woman has a child doesn’t mean that her womanhood ceases to exist. There was a scene where there is a conversation going on between Ellen and Caleb that just had me laughing. Ruthie does a great job about always putting some comic relief in her work.

Even though Ellen’s brother is a secondary character, we can see how diametric our brother and sister are. And Ruthie feeds on the reader’s preconceived notions about how celebrities act. Especially with the amount of press some celebrities are getting lately. But even though Ellen’s brother is a celebrity, I love their interaction. I have three brothers and wish we had that type of camaraderie.

This is was a great follow-up to book one. If you go to Ruthie’s web site,, you can get some information about the first book, which I hope you have read, and a sneak peek into her next book titled Flirting with Disaster. If you’ve liked the first two books in the Camelot series you will want to make sure to get book three.

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  1. Great review, but it’s caused a problem for me! I discovered Ruthie’s books last weekend. I’d decided to take a weekend break from life (in my head at least!) and throw myself into a good book. When I picked up How To Misbehave I wasn’t sure what to think, but was quickly blown away. I then went on to read About Last Night and Ride With Me over the rest of the weekend. Wasn’t planning to give into a reading stint for a while now, but your review has ruined that for me! Now I have to get this one too. Looks like another weekend spent with Ruthie Knox instead of working! 🙂

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