Review: Anything for You (Coming Home, Book 1.5) by Jessica Scott

Anything for YouReviewed by Sandra Scholes

Anything for you starts out with comic overtones which I liked, and continued to surprise me over the course of the story. As many of you will know, I do like short stories, the way they are constructed, and the way you can read them on the move is attractive to me, so I don’t mind investing time and effort in them. As far as this is concerned, I am glad I invested the time on it.

Like her previous novel, Until There Was You this is set after the time when Jen and Shane met again and got together as a couple. He loves her, but hates the thought of losing her after such a long time apart. It starts back in the past of 2008 at Fort Hood where Jen had got cancer, and Shane was thinking hard about having a vasectomy, as even though she wanted kids, if he ever got her pregnant, it would cause complications with the baby and have her risking her life. He is a considerate man, and understandably doesn’t want this to happen. He wants to talk to her about it, but knows he might also be causing problems in their relationship if he does.

They aren’t the perfect couple, but they have both had their ups and downs as far as romance and general life is concerned. Shane doesn’t want to be like he was when he had his first wife; he was gone so long their marriage collapsed from the strain of her not seeing her. He finds that he loves Jen too much to let that happen to their relationship, but who knows what will happen in the future to their relationship. She fears he might have to go to war, and then she might lose him for good, or he might be away for a long time. If he is going to be away for any length of time, she thinks she will have to cope with her loss in her own way.

Jessica gives the perfect introduction to the story, a bit of light-hearted dialogue that seems to set off the rest of the story. There are peaks and troughs of happy and sad moments, but all in all it is a story well worth reading.

This story also contains a list of other novels by the author, as well as a bonus excerpt from her other novel; Bitten by Deceit.


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