Review: Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour by Olivia Cunning

by Mandy Dougherty, guest reviewer

There is something unmistakably genius about the music that flows from Brian Sinclair’s fingers.  As lead songwriter and guitarist of one of the most popular bands on the planet, The Sinners, the rifts he creates have both guys and girls longing for his attention offstage, but living his life as rockstar Master Sinclair is quickly becoming more than Brian can handle.  It has been months since his pen scored a killer tune and mere minutes since he was left heartbroken.  Romanticism and rockstar aren’t exactly synonyms in Brian’s world and more than a handful of female’s have left him wanting more than life on the road and sex with random groupies has to offer.  He never knew just how much more until he met her…

In the area of human sexuality she is an expert, but in the area of love psychologist Myrna Evans is a novice.  Her life is her work and mixing her love of rock-n-roll into her lectures as a professor makes her not only smart, but amazingly sexy.  While speaking at a stuffy academic conference in Chicago, Myrna literally falls into the lap of her favorite band, The Sinners.  Attempting to play coy and not act like a ‘fan girl’, the intellectual sexpot focuses on one member of the group in particular, Master Sinclair.

Thrown into the whirlwind life of a rock band on tour Myrna is having the time of her life…and the nonstop sex with Brian Sinclair isn’t too bad either.  Myrna is shocked when the ghosts from her past that have left her emotionally and physically scarred seem to fade into the background as feelings she has never experienced before take center stage.  She knows that she is not the only female that lusts after the guitarist with the ‘magic fingers’ and that Brian Sinclair has more talent in those hands then most of these groupies know.  Coming to the realization that she doesn’t want to leave Brian or his bandmates just yet, Myrna applies for a grant to research the bands groupies and the lengths they will go to get backstage with the band.

When she is given funding for her research assignment Myrna is both ecstatic and apprehensive.  Will Brian always look at her with lust-filled eyes? Will she be enough to satisfy not only the legend that he portrays onstage, but also the real Brian that lies underneath?   Can the lust that they share turn to love?

Olivia Cunning’s erotic romance debut is phenomenal.  The chemistry between Myrna and Brian is palpable and their sexual encounters page searing.  Backstage Pass: Sinners on Tour is 378 pages of romance laced with sexual experimentation, voyeurism, threesomes and rock-n-roll.  Cunning does a fantastic job at making such a ‘fairytale’ storyline seem plausible and realistic.  Though the book centers on the relationship forged between Brian and Myrna, Cunning intertwines the other members of the band into the story seamlessly.  Cunning has me hooked on The Sinners and I cannot wait to follow their journey with the next book, Rock Hard, in the Spring of 2011.  I can safely say that I will never listen to a rock song the same.

[rating: 5]

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