Review: Beastly by Alex Flinn

I saw the trailer announced at Katidom and like Kati I’m a sucker for fairytales, especially Beauty and the Beast fairytale retellings.

After viewing the trailer I went immediately to the library and got a copy of the book. (How about you are you planning to do the same?)

It’s an easy read, directed toward young adults. It is high school meets fairytales without losing its magic. Oh and it’s from the Beast’s pov – hot stuff right there even if he’s a jerk of the first sort to begin with (not unlike most alpha males.)

Kyle Kingsbury is the popular boy at school. He has looks, athletics, and riches. Together they get him girls – any girl from the ugliest hag to the vapid self-obsessed head cheerleader. He’s arrogant, conceited, and cruel which combined lead to his ultimate destruction and reformation.

Unlike the trailer, in the book Kyle Kingsbury really does turn into a hairy beast, not a deformed, scarred, and tattooed boy. I liked the idea that he was forced to look as hideous on the outside as he was on the inside, so I think I will like the movie version of his beastiness. He’s also given two years in the book to find someone to love him, not one. The trailer also shows him walking the halls of school in his Beast form (which never happened, he goes into near immediate seclusion venturing out only at night or to various doctors looking for a cure).

Linda Taylor (or Lindy) is the shy scholarship book nerd at Tuttle Prep. When Kyle gives her the rose corsage meant for his girlfriend (who snubbed it) he unknowingly bought himself a second chance clause to his curse. It takes him a while to figure it out, but ultimately he realizes Lindy is just the right girl to break his spell.

The bad YA parental units are explained in a manner that fills in some gaps otherwise found in most fairytales. Even the witch who turns Kyle Beastly doesn’t leave him hanging, she’s watching him, helping him, and ultimately befriending him, which is interesting to say the least.

Definitely worth a try if you love the storyline and even if you don’t!

Rating: 4 Stars

Buy: Beastly

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4 thoughts on “Review: Beastly by Alex Flinn”

  1. Thanks you for this – especially your thoughts on the difference between the book and the film adaptation..

    I am not a YA reader by any stretch, as I have issues with YA sex and the fact that the average teenager is nothing like those written in book..

    However the core concept of this book draws me in – as you I love Beauty and the beast book renditions..

    I will also admit I like the trailer alot – I may just break down and read this book..

    Thanks again..


  2. I thought the trailer was phenomenal. Yummy! I’m sure there will be more differences once I see the movie, but those were what I could catch from reading the book and seeing the trailer.

  3. I read this book a while ago–actually, it was one of the first books I reviewed on my book blog. I thought it was okay, but I didn’t buy into Kyle emotional transformation. It looks like the movie actually improves the story quite a bit; I like that he’s tattooed and scarred in the film rather than beasty.

  4. i read the book and like the movie seems a bit different… i think i like the book more than the movie because the movie seemed good an all but its not the original as to the book, the end!!

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