Review: Believe It Or Not by Tawna Fenske

BelieveItOrNotReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Violet McGinn goes to visit her mother in the hospital. Her mother, whose name is Moonbeam, believes in psychic visions. Moonbeam and her friends remind me of the hippies from the sixties. And in Violet’s own words, she thinks her mother is “a complete nut job”.

Drew Watson owns a bar that also has male exotic dancers. Now men have their strip clubs, why shouldn’t women have theirs? And coincidentally, his business is right next door to Moonbeam’s. When Drew and Violet finally meet you can see their instant connection.

On one of her visits to her mother, in the hospital, she literally runs into Dr. Chris Abbott. Who also happens to be Moonbeam’s orthopedic surgeon. He seems to like Violet but how does she feel about him?

I love Violet’s baseball analogy to describe Drew’s supposed sexual preference – you’ll just have to read the story to find that out. Being neighborly, Drew comes over to Moonbeam’s business to help hang a picture and while talking with Violet he uses a lot of puns and innuendo. We also meet Drew’s ex brother-in-law, Jamie. Jamie happens to be the one of the exotic dancers. He also likes Violet.

Dr. Chris Abbott is another male that likes Violet. He finds out that she is an accountant and informs her that he needs one for his private practice. She’s constantly referred to as the psychic accountant. In some of her conversations, she’s always giving either bits of data or trivia. This is one of the reasons why people will be wondering what you are reading.

When we get to see the first love scene between Violet and Drew, you’ll end up by saying “what!” Drew also has his stupid moment and you’ll end up saying “oh no you didn’t!” Music seems to play a major role in this story. You may want to put on some of your favorite music while you read.

Drew stops over to visit Violet and there’s a documentary on the TV about the sex lives of some animals. You think that they’re going to get serious about each other but there seems to be something that stops them.

Maybe they’re not destined to be together. There seems to be forces that are working against them. Tawna gets her readers involved in the story. She doesn’t put in a lot of sex scenes but they’re not needed. She builds the anticipation until we say “finally”. Tawna also has the reader chuckling from beginning to end.

If you’re looking to read an erotic story, you will not find it here. If you’re looking for a funny, sweet, and sensual romance then you have found the perfect read. It also has you asking what does Tawna have in store for her readers next?


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