Review: Bewitched (Woodcutters Grim Series, Book 5) by Karen Wiesner

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Set in the town of Woodcutters Grim, the place concerns all the strange happenings that have happened there for many years, and how they have managed to keep the unusual monsters that reside there at bay for so long, and continue to do so. These are the guardians who have sworn and oath to protect them from the evil that lurks around every corner, and wants to destroy wherever it goes. These evils lurk in the woods, and lay in wait for any children who decide to be foolish enough to take a walk there.

Bewitched Book 5 of the Woodcutters Grim Series is based around the curse that has been put on the Shaussegeny family thirty years ago, and how the family have coped with it. The curse itself transforms each of the family into beasts at the full moon, namely werewolves and the idea of fate and hatred coming upon them for what they are is all in this book. Also as part of the curse, the one who cursed their family only allows each cursed member one soul mate, and as long as they are faithful to them, they will remain lovers forever more, if not, some evil fate will befall them soon.

As are most in the Woodcutters Grim series of novels, they are based on fairy tales, this one is loosely based on The Little Mermaid, and as in the title, young Glynnis Shaussegeny is bewitched by one man who lives nearby, and comes to see her. She wonders why he would take any interest in her until she realizes she has a dark personality, and thinks he might top it with his own stories of what he has done in the past. Aric Sayer is his name, and he is as interested in her and curious of why she comes to the black lake as she is of who lives outside the village.

Readers will like what Karen Wiesner has made Glynnis into, as it fits into the whole fantasy/fairy tale story idea nicely. It is the story of two people who have been apart all their lives but who need to be together, and Aric doesn’t know who that one woman is until he meets her purely by chance one day. It is then he feels that she has been the one who can fill his heart with love – she is the one part of him that can make him whole again. So far he has been living alone and has felt so empty.


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