Review: Blank by Sommer Marsden

Reviewed by Sandra Scholes

Think you can take the heat of the next sizzling novel by this best-selling author? Think again…

Kyle is one of those guys who denies everything to himself, the sort who lives in total denial of what or who he is in favor of lying his way in and out of situations he doesn’t like, and in some cases, even those he does.

His real reason for being this way comes out in Chapter three when he remembers all the times he was beaten-up in prison for the foolish thing he did before. He has taken all the heartache he felt and all the pain and hid it all away where it can’t affect anyone else but him – most of all he misses Jason, his former lover and the man he left behind when he got taken away to jail.

When he is with someone he doesn’t take much notice of them – it’s not in his nature to care about the other person. After all, they are just another face to him, someone he can have sex with, and after that they have no other meaning – faces tend to blend in with this guy, and he hasn’t had a real relationship with a guy since.

Kyle tries to put his past of doing time in jail, drugs and fucking behind him and goes to Montana in search of a new life, and with it comes a new job where none of the workers there, or the boss will take his kind of attitude if he shows it, so once he’s talked to the boss, he finds he must change his attitude, and start as he means to go on.

It is Tad that is set to change his life, and he doesn’t know it until it hits him. Tad doesn’t take any of the trouble he brings to other guys, he makes sure Kyle knows where he stands with him, and as a reader you can’t blame him. He doesn’t like the way he sleeps with any guy he meets, and he thinks he won’t burden him with it either, and sets him straight on a number of things he thinks he might have trouble with if he’s around him for too long.

He thinks that other straight guys around might not accept a gay guy whoring around as he does. Then he kisses him. It’s so unexpected that it amazes even him. That Tad would shout at him, then kiss him is beyond him, but he accepts it and says he’ll be good. After that something strange happens; whereas before in bed at night when he sees the men he sleeps with, he doesn’t see their faces, when he romanticizes about Tad, he sees his face for the first time, and enjoys the experience. Here is a guy who won’t back down, who won’t take any bother from him – if anything it will be Kyle who submits to him and his needs.

Even when his interest has switched from Jason to Tad, he is still in denial, but what he doesn’t realize above all else is that he’s in love with him, the man who brings him to his knees, the man who makes him tremble when he comes near. There is a lovely end to this novella, and readers will enjoy the happy ending it brings after all Kyle has been through.


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