Review: Blazing Bedtime Stories, Volume VII

blazing bedtime storiesThe Steadfast Hot Soldier by Rhonda Nelson

Army Ranger Tucker “Bear” Midwinter is back in town to help his mother repair her ballet studio/flat so the new owner can move in as soon as possible. He thinks it might mean some long overdue bonding time, but his mother has other plans and is heading to Paris just as he arrives. Figures. It’s always been about her and how he’s ruined her life.

The new owner is Veda Hayes, an old student of his mother’s, aka Tiny Dancer. When he left for college she hadn’t been grown, but now she’s grown up in all the right places. She does things to Bear’s emotions he’s never experienced before and reminds him why petite women and dancers should be off limits.

My Take: This is one very sexy short story and adorable too at turns. My favorite scenes were when the two swam in the creek, when Bear had dinner at her parents house, and when/where he proposes. Bear is totally sexy. May I have an army ranger too? Pretty please? šŸ™‚

Wild Thing by Tawny Weber

Percy loses his cool when the girl of his dreams walks out after an earth shattering night together. He tries to tell himself the way he remembers is better than it was, but who is he kidding? It’s better. To win her and keep her, he’s going to have to figure out what made her ran the first time.

Then the ugliest dog in the world has been kidnapped and it’s up to the dog groomer and her detective to rescue the pampered Chinese Crested. If they don’t Percy Graham will miss his payday (something he needs to get over his losing streak) and miss his flight for a well deserved vacation; Andrea Tanner will lose Fur’sace to a rival business owner.

If they figure out who is behind the dognapping they will be able to prevent any future attempts on the canine. Is it Gregory Day, the man who hired Percy to pick the dog up from the groomer’s, Gregory’s ex-wife, or Andrea’s business rival?

My Take: Totally yummy! Andrea is a kicking heroine who is smart enough to watch her back and take precautions, but has a tender streak and a tender heart. Percy is the typical playboy who doesn’t know what to do with himself when the girl doesn’t return his interest. So he proposes a way back into her bed while getting the little dog too. Percy is a very enjoyable hero. I like his inner monologue a lot.

Overall [Rating:4.5]

Buy: Blazing Bedtime Stories, Volume VII: The Steadfast Hot Soldier\Wild Thing: 7 (Harlequin Blaze)

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