Review: Blood and Sex Volume 1: Michael by Angela Cameron


Victoria (Tori) reminds me of Anita Blake. Here’s why:

  1. She’s known for always wearing a gun.
  2. Not to mention she’s a police officer with connections to the vampire scene (not widely know to humans to exist).
  3. She visits vampire clubs.
  4. Tori brings her gun into the bathroom with her when she showers.
  5. Tori even resists Michael like Anita resisted Jean-Claude at first.

Michael reminds me of Twilight vampires, because interestingly enough Tori smells to him as Bella does to Edward. He labels the smell of her to something akin to mimosas. Michael can also feel her feelings, like Jasper of Twilight, and project feelings onto her.

Vampire lore:

  • All have mind reading capabilities.
  • All are involved to some extent in the D/S scene.
  • All possess a type of thrall called: affascinare.
  • All have the ability to project feelings/sensations called: trucchi.
  • All obey or follow the vampire code/law of Alleanza.
  • Humans can bond with vampires as equals and as slaves.
  • They can be warm/hot and have heartbeats.
  • They breathe.
  • They sleep?

The bad guys are particularly scary. They make the book very dark indeed. Think vampire Mafia with terribly nasty taste in sexual preferences (torture/slave).

Sex: D/S, voyeurism, good kinky fun

Overall it was a pretty enjoyable read but there were some problems in the story telling. For instance terms are not defined. As the first in the series they should have been. That’s not to say that quite a few can be derived from connotation but the nuances are lost. Additionally, while some of the Italian terminology is similar in format to the English translation, not all of them are.

A few inconsistencies and redundancies scattered the pages, ones that should have been picked up by an editor. They stuck out like a sore thumb in an otherwise seamless story. There is some great dialogue scattered throughout the book. One of my favorites was:

“I wish I believed you.”

“So do I.”

If you can get past the small annoyances it wasn’t half a bad read. The bad guy gets caught, the good guys triumph, the couple gets together, and you close the book happy.

Rating: 2.5 Stars

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