Review: Can’t Buy Me Love (Crooked Creek, Book 1) by Molly O’Keefe

can't buy me loveReviewed by Lynn Reynolds

Wayne “Luc” Baker is an NHL player with health issues. He also shares an apartment with his sister, Victoria Schulman, and his nephew Jacob. Lyle is his 89 year old father who is engaged to a much younger woman named Tara Jean Sweet. Lyle is also the owner of Crooked Creek Ranch.

Lyle is a man who is a puppet master that wants all his puppets in one place and that place is the ranch. Tara Jean is the means to get the puppets together. It will be interesting to see if the master gets his wish.

Tara Jean gives the reader a hint about a habit she can’t break. It’s one habit that you don’t mind having problems with. Wondering what her habit is? You’ll just have to read this story in order to have your question answered. Her addiction will have you laughing.

With the title you think it’s all about romance but Tara Jean’s past adds some suspense to the storyline. And this is where the trouble begins. This type of trouble always makes me uneasy. I just don’t see how it can ever come out good – a lot of people always get hurt. Molly does a great job of getting through the trouble and gets my interest back.

The only downside is I kept waiting for it to reappear and make me uneasy again. But Luc is there to make sure that the trouble goes away. We also see, toward the end, some interaction between Victoria and Eli. I was happy to see that their story will be a sequel. I’m definitely looking forward to reading book two of the “Crooked Creek” series titled “Can’t Hurry Love” coming out at the end of this month. You can also watch a short book trailer for this book on Amazon, Video: Can’t Buy Me Love.


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