Review: Caressed By Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene

by Sharon S., guest reviewer

Let me cut to the chase…SMACK! Did you hear that? That is the sound of Amanda J. Greene knocking it out of the freaking PNR park!

If you like PNR, Regency-lite (I’ll explain this later), intelligent heroines, smexy vampire alpha-males, marriages of convenience, fated love, lots of non-repetitive steamy (not crude) sex scenes and a new vampire mythos then you need to stop right now, and go buy this book (unbelievably only $3 on the kindle) and start reading. (Shoo!)

BUT, if you care to hear me gush about more specific things in the book than keep reading….

I have only read one other Regency book so I am talking out my ass here, but I get the feeling Regencies can be really accurate historically or they can be the other end where the story is set in the 1800s and that is about it. This book I would call Regency-lite. It doesn’t dwell on all those “regency” details, but sticks to the main ideas of the era. I like Regency-lite!

This book is like two different book put together with a little something in the middle. Strange, but it works.

First part of book: we meet Victoria. I love her. She is a smart, but down on her luck woman, who finds herself in the impossible situation of having to find a husband, quick. You know how sometimes a romance heroine hee-haws over her plight and there is all this angst and you just want to slap her upside the head? Victoria isn’t that heroine <G>! She has her little pity party moments, but then she figures out how to fix it, and does!

Dorain Vhlokos is everything I look for in a vampire hero. Smart, sexy, extremely loyal and one of the good guys, but he has a tormented past and a very dark beastly side (his vampire nature) He agrees to the marriage of convenience because he wants to bed Victoria and figures he can help her at the same time (see, good guy ;))

Any way they both realize they are attracted to each other, but neither wants to admit it is anything but a sexual attraction. She doesn’t even know he is a vampire. This part of the book is very romancy and light. I was smiling through this part.

The second part takes place on a ship: (now it might be a little spoilery here depending on what you consider a spoiler, but I am gonna try real hard not to) Here the story starts to take a turn towards the dark. We meet Dorian’s friend Falcon (swoon here, too). The author starts to give us lots of information about the world she has created (done in an expertly manner I might add). We learn more about Dorian’s background. Victoria learns he is a vampire. Love their scenes!!! This is where the fated love theme comes in 🙂

The last part takes place in Dorian’s homelands: This is where the story is dark. There is betrayal, killing, action and all that good stuff I love about my favorite genre- Urban Fantasy. We get all the needed information about the Rulers of Darkness world and learn more about the characters we are sure to see in the following books of this series. There is a HEA for our couple and we get a teaser about whom the next book will feature (can’t tell you that <G>) and I can’t wait.

I love the names of the characters: Dorian, Falcon, Raphael, Jacque, Victoria, Sonja, Kal, Ven, Dimitri

Here are some of my favorite passages from the book:

Dorian speaking to Victoria:

“I do wish you luck. The sooner you become tired of your marriage bed the sooner you will come to mine.”

Dorian (consumed by his vampire beast) to Victoria

“Then why do you insist on helping me?”

“Because I care for you,” she confessed. “And because it pains me to see you like this, suffering when there is no need.”

“No need?” he laughed. “I could kill you if I took your blood.”

Victoria shrugged. “You could, but I know you wouldn’t”

He took a threatening step toward her. “How can you be so sure? He challenged.

“The man I married would never allow it.”

“If you hadn’t noticed,” he advanced again, “he is not here.”

Her heart was slowing rapidly. He kissed her temple as a tear slipped down his cheek. “I love you.” The words were torn from his heart; his despair was so great that he had not noticed he had spoken them in his native tongue. A language he had not spoken for thousands of years. He wanted to roar his anger, his agony to the heavens, but he did not have the strength, his throat was tight as he continued to chant in ancient Greek ‘I love you’ over and over again.

One long finger dipped into her as his mouth came to mate with hers.

The Ruler’s of Darkness Series:

[rating:5] Freaking Stars!

Buy: Caressed by Moonlight (Rulers of Darkness)

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5 thoughts on “Review: Caressed By Moonlight by Amanda J. Greene”

  1. OMG! I don’t normally read Regency, but you’ve sold me on this one. That passage you quoted had me . . . well, let’s just say I am getting this book!

  2. @Linda- I know! It is like a whole bunch of books all rolled into one and it worked for me You get regency, PNR, dark UF and a heroine that isn’t all weepy and weak.

  3. Vampires and Regency – sounds good to me. I’m a total Regency nut weaned on several bottles of Pride and Prejudice!

  4. I am so glad I got this book to review. It was a fun read. It was my second Regency. I don’t think I could enjoy a hard core Regency. The way women had to behave would just make me mad . This book was just right!

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