Review: Cat Scratch Fever by Jodi Redford

Cat Scratch FeverReviewed by Susan S.

Summary: Lilly Prescott’s grandfather lost a whopping 60 acres of land during a poker game gone wrong. And who benefited? Dante Morgan’s father (Foster). Now Lilly will do anything to reclaim the property which should belong to her family. Not if, but when she gets the land, Lilly (heroine) plans to build a private retreat for the Lynchat Foundation. Oh, sorry `bout the oversight. Prescott is a lynx shifter.

The heroine is willing to pay reasonably for the land, but Dante’s not asking for money. And his wolfish proposition is something Lilly would never Ever consider. At least not with all her faculties intact.

With no love lost between Dante and Lilly, can a sexy wolf convince a feisty cat to play nice? Or will he become Lilly’s new scratching post?

Review: Whenever I begin a new Jodi Redford novel I know I’m in for a treat. If you’ve never read her books-you’re missing out on what I call triple-shot spicy reads. The author gives new meaning to lovin’ thy self. Phew! And in Cat Scratch Fever Redford continues her crowd-pleasing modus operandi. Just you wait and see!

I thought the suspense was great and I despised the antagonists. Which is precisely what I want to feel when the author writes them as they should be written-as extra nasty! I did feel though, that an epilogue could’ve added a little something extra to the story’s conclusion.

Thought Bubble: Here’s hoping that Dante’s cousin, Theo, can have his very own story someday. He’s a sheriff. (Insert saucy grin here).

Recommendations: For readers who zealously seek out those damsel-in-distress stories (which have the hero miraculously saving the day). Recommended for those with a fondness for the enemies (I want to murder him in his sleep) to lovers (I want mad-passionate-sex) tropes. Paranormal romance readers will get a kick knowing the H is a werewolf and the h is a lynx shifter. The erotic romantic elements play a pivotal role in the story. So if you love those erotic romances, you’ll no doubt love Cat Scratch Fever.

Disclaimer: I received this novel free of charge in exchange for my honest review.

Review-O-Meter [Rating:4.5] (Plot: 4 and Erotic Romance: 5)

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Samhain Publishing, Ltd., Copyright 2012, eBook, Erotic Paranormal Romance, ISBN# 978-1-60928-770-2.

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