Review: Compromising Positions by Erin Delany and Jenny Gardiner

Compromising Positions by Erin Delany and Jenny GardinerReviewed by Karin

It’s a toss up whether this is a story to which hot sex can be added, or if it is only about hot sex and the story is just an add-on.

Mercedes gets her dream job, but she quickly realizes it comes with the Washington cliché, when her immediate boss (the press secretary) lets her know that she only got the job, because the senator, who really is beyond creepy, he is a sex addict, wants her hired, because he wants to have sex with her. Oh boy.

Mercedes feels she can handle herself, and she can. She is clever in the way she does it. Along the way, her boss realizes she is qualified for the job; she falls in love with her boss and he with her; and they uncover a bigger problem.



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  1. This sounds like one of those novels that shows how strong the female protagonist has to be in the face of chauvinist types like her boss.

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