Review: Dangerous Desire by Diane Escalera

by Carla F., guest reviewer

When Sienna Diaz’s beloved Beagle Zola is taken from her home, she turns to a detective agency for missing pets called Top Dawg.  The owner Cruz Santino is an ex-cop whose investigation reveals that Zola was grabbed to use in a dog-fighting ring. Even though Sienna is devastated by Zola’s abduction, she can’t help but be attracted to Top Dawg’s very hot owner. In turn, Cruz is instantly smitten with Sienna. He wants to get Zola back not only because it is his job, but he also wants to get to know Sienna a lot better.


  1. Cruz. How can you not love a smexy guy who finds missing pets for a living?
  2. Sienna was an “older” woman with a daughter in college.
  3. How Cruz and his dog Roman work so well together.


  1. As torn up as Sienna was about Zola, it was difficult to believe that she would be interested in sex at all let alone would just hop into bed with Cruz after knowing him for only a day or two.
  2. Sienna’s best friend Tori was just a little bit over the top for me.
  3. Even though I knew that the book was about a dog-fighting ring and that there would be an HEA, it was difficult to read the parts of the book describing the conditions of the dogs. Fortunately, Escalera never gets into too much detail.


A different kind of damsel in distress story with a hot pet detective. If you really love animals, you might feel a little tension in the dog-fighting parts. Just remember that there is a HEA out there.


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