Review: Dark Obsession by Suzanne Rock

by Sandra Scholes, guest reviewer

After her previous offering in the Immortal Realms series, Suzanne has wanted to produce a novel totally based on Javier and Catherine alone. As Javier is established as a rather stubborn vampire, and Catherine a sex slave to a fey king in a fairy court, she could not keep the story to herself, and who can blame her. With what she mentions in her To My Reader section at the beginning, readers can expect to be treat to Javier coming to terms with Catherine’s newfound freedom and independent character, her forgiving him after all, and bondage, intense sexual scenes between men and women, m/f/m, and m/m too mixed with scenes of flogging.

Starting out on a journey to Egypt’s sand filled desert, Javier is looking for Catherine as she has gone missing, yet in a desert as large as this he knows he will have to work hard in order to discover her whereabouts. He is worried about her as she is an intense, beautiful woman, and would be desirable to many men out there who are mostly nomads who would think nothing of forcing her to do things she might not want to. In this case they are nomadic fey, and he thought the king of these people might have at least seen this beauty at some point.

The viewer might think that what worries Javier is the fey many be lying as such a woman would certainly not be overlooked by men. If that is the case, he knows he has to be firm, yet tactful to the fey if he can get what he wants. The king of the fey court has plenty of things he can take his mind off his mission, though, in the shape of his own beautiful women who try and pleasure him – but when he realizes the king might be stalling him for a reason, he knows he has to be careful.

This sounds like an in-depth and intriguing novel that can be seen as a stand alone novel due to its concentration on mainly two characters throughout it. The minor characters and their places are richly described in this novel, and Suzanne shows how well she can describe them in detail most would leave out. Suzanne has a great grasp of what desire, longing and sensuality are in her work – she can bring her own sense of these desires into her prose and with a little cunning, weave them so that the reader is amazed and entranced by them being there. The reader can feel Javier’s hurt at Christine running away from him, his anger, and his torment at the thought of another man snatching her from him.

Dark Obsession is a fantasy world where anything can happen, and does. It isn’t just about sex, but the sex is there for readers to enjoy, it’s more about loss, and love that has happened over time for one man, Javier, and as he is highly sexed and influenced by this woman, who he would go to the far ends of the earth for. I liked the inclusion of a broad range of sex in this novel, as it will reach more of a readership than standard novels.

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